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the first 128-core processor at 5.7 GHz and 5 nm

People always talk about AMD and Intel in processors, but although their CPUs are usually the stronghold of the industry, there are actually companies that design products that can not only surpass these two giants, but are innovative in many ways. This is the case of Tachyum and its new Prodigy processor T16128the first processor 128 hearts by reaching the 5.7GHz.

Even Intel hasn’t hit that number in a single core, but it’s also true that the architectures are different, and the caches and registers and PHYs and buses they have to implement complicate scalability a bit more. . That’s why Tachyum designs its own processors from the ground up and its new model could redefine HPC work and almost the industry.

Tachyum Prodigy T16128: the first high-performance CPU at 5nm


The company called it the “universal processor”, but what’s really special about it? Well, it’s the first processor that can be used for general purpose like any of our processors, it can be used for HPC and it can be used for AI, with the particularity that it does everything at the same time.

This is where the controversy begins, mainly because there are claims and not data, but the company claims that it achieves all this while consuming 10 times less than traditional hardware and, above all, costing a third less. It’s supposed to be four times faster than Intel’s current best processor (Xeon Platinum 8380HL) and triple what the NVIDIA H100 is capable of.

For this, the company has provided this processor with capabilities of FP64, FP32, TF32, BF16, Int8, FP8 and TAI, all for each heart and individually, without sharing them. It is compatible with x86, ARM, RISC-V and ISA, so it really is an all-terrain. The best thing is that you don’t need specific units like the Tensor Core for AI from NVIDIA, AVX512 from Intel, which is a clear advantage from an architectural point of view, which has not yet been revealed .


This processor with 128 hearts at this incredible frequency is manufactured by an undisclosed company for 5nm (TSMC), giving it an extremely compact size and really hard to believe: only 64mm x 84mm. If this does not seem sufficient to you, know that it integrates 16 BMI with support for DDR5 Yes 64 PCIe 5.0 lanesgiving theoretical performances never seen on a single CPU of 12 AI PetaFLOPS and 90 TeraFLOPS.

We will be able to see it in 2023, where Tachyum should make its architecture public and some more precise and comparative data by the end of the year. Just imagine a data center with racks of this CPU, where the task doesn’t matter, this CPU is able to do it, being able to vary the loads within its cores and with much more power consumption weak. How will Intel, NVIDIA and AMD compete with this T16128?

VIA: Tachyum

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