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the box with the GPU on the front and the open concept

Rarely can we say that: a box manufacturer has innovated. And that’s what Canon Antec you’ll like it more or less depending on what each finds appealing, but without a doubt this is one of those boxes that deserves a close look and admiration. A mixture of steel and tempered glass forms it and the rest… The rest is an evolutionary leap that combines hardware with decorative elements.

Futuristic, different and innovative. These are perhaps the qualifiers most in line with what we are going to see, well, the last one is expensive, very expensive, because it will be sold at the recommended price of 436 euros. Therefore, the question is whether it is worth spending such a sum on something else.

Antec Cannon, a (necessary) change in PC cases


Whether we agree or not, the industry is watching what Antec has achieved, because this Cannon has its eyes set on it. A PC tower that will allow us to install it both vertically and horizontally and that represents the most qualitative leap for the graphics card compared to the vertical position for it.

And this is perhaps the most striking thing about this Antec gun, since the GPU can be placed with an anchor in front, or completely vertical and rotated 90 degrees already inside the frame. The anchor is fully adjustable, so we can move it higher or lower and adjust it to our liking.

The motherboard is also rotated 90º and does not influence the board mounting as a riser connects the two. It’s a bit controversial, because being a turned mount some E-ATX motherboards and others not, because we already know that the standard has been disfigured with the latest motherboards as such.

The box is vertically divided in half in the center by two glass panels separated from each other 33mm, which serve to pass the cables and organize them so that they are not seen unless we want them to be. Instead, the PSU sits at the bottom covered by the plastic casings, so it’s barely visible, but it does allow for optimal cable management, as everything is closer to it in terms of length.

You can install up to 6 x 120mm fans in its rear part, which allows two radiators up to 360mm and 60mm thick, while in the front and only in the event that we do not want to install the GPU there, we can place a rad up to 360mm and 45mm thick with its fans, while the rear will house rads up to 420mm and 45mm respectively. A total of 4 radiators of considerable width, sufficient for a powerful CPU and GPU with their pumps.

Finally, your weight 10kg which, as expected, goes with its mentioned price: 436 €being available throughout this month in stores.

VIA: Antec

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