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The Arc A750 isn’t that fast, a bug inflated its performance data

Today it seems to be about collecting cables and modifying versions and facts, something unusual and less that happens in a few hours and in two TOP companies in our sector. As we have already seen this morning, NVIDIA is changing version with the price of the RTX 30 and now Intel is doing the same, but with the data it offered from its A750. Luckily, the bug that Intel found only affects a smaller percentage of games, especially those launched using the API. Vulcan. How serious was the mistake and what performance does it have A750?

For those who have not read the original article, we will briefly put you in context: Intel has launched a kind of comparative test of its A750 against the RTX 3060, queen of the mid-range under 48 games, where 6 of them were in Vulkan and the others they focused on DX12. Well, we have a direct express notification from Intel itself that there was a small mistake in these 6 games which changes the percentage of performance seen.

Intel Arc A750 and the small performance miscalculation in Vulkan

Intel Arc A750 limited edition

Before commenting on the new performances that this GPU shows under said API, we leave you the statements that Intel sent us directly to the press room:

“Our chart values ​​on the A750 in Vulkan at 1440p reflected a miscalculation that caused incorrect percentages to display in normalized and summary charts under this API. Raw data and other summary charts were not affected by the bug. Therefore, we have fixed the bug in the affected Vulkan 1440p graphics on this A750. Hope you find it useful.”

That said, in the previous article we said that the A750 scaled significantly better at higher resolutions than its rival at NVIDIA, perhaps due to its larger bus. Percentage differences under Vulkan remained at one +4% in favor of the Intel graphics card, but can it keep that distance against the RTX 3060? Are you ahead or behind after data correction? Let’s see.

Changes not only to 1440p, but also to 1080p

The comparative graphs offer no doubt as can be seen just above these lines. Intel has changed both the data of 1080p As 1440p and leaves a rather strange aftertaste. On the one hand, and with a good eye since no precise percentage is proposed and you have to throw a pen, the the performance of the Arc A750 is slightly higher which was shown less than a week ago in 1080p.

Not much is true, but it seems that in Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood and Strange Brigade there is a very slight increase in performance. Instead, and focusing on the data from Intel’s statement, at 1440p there is an increase in FPS in Wolfenstein, but performance drop in Dota2, Rainbow Six Extraction, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Doom Eternal. Instead, Strange Brigade increases the advantage between the A750 against the RTX 3060.

The situation in this resolution is completely the reverse of what was shown at the time. On this occasion, what Intel showed was a performance above its rival, where it only lost in one of 6 games. Now he only wins by two, while he loses by four. It’s not that the differences are very big, we are talking about a number in the worst case and in the best they are almost equal, but as they said in Fast and Furious: “Winning is winning”. Likewise, if they finally hit the market, we will have to wait for specific reviews to draw better conclusions in different scenarios.

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