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The Apple M2 deprives the Core i9-12950HX of leadership in PassMark

The Apple M2 won an unexpectedly small prize, stealing single-core laptop performance leadership from the Intel Core i9-12950HXthe company’s high-end processor for this market, in the PassMark benchmark.

It is in this reference that the Apple M2which is finally an overclocked Apple M1 on the CPU side, and with a few more graphics cores on the GPU it managed to achieve a single core score of 4,130 pointsenough to take advantage of the Intel Core i9-12950HX for nothing, just 0.93% extra return.

Of course now comes the interesting thing, and that is that the Apple M2 offers 8 cores with a TDP of 20W, while the Core i9-12950HX has 16 cores with a TDP of 55W, so in multi-core performance it eats to improve your performance 157.61%. Moreover, the Apple M2 is not even able to compete with the Intel Alder Lake-P.

Apple M2 tops single-core PassMark benchmark

For example, Intel Core i7-1280P, with 14 cores and 20 threads with a TDP of 28W, it is 28.37% faster in multi-core performance, while Intel Core i7-1260Pwith 12 cores and 16 threads with the TDP of 28W, it surpasses it 12.97%.

However, taking into account the performance per watt consumedApple is the big winner, since we are talking about TDP, but for example at maximum performance, with Turbo frequencies, the Core i7-1260P, the simplest we have put, already consumes 64W of power, more than triple the power consumed by Apple’s SoC. It is also not comparable in terms of price, because Apple devices are much more expensive compared to their Intel/AMD counterparts on Windows platforms.

Added to this is also the fact that the launch of the Apple M2 Pro and Maxwhich should arrive at the end of the year and which will focus on increasing multi-core performance.

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