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The AMD Ryzen 7000 promises to surprise in overclocking

After the disappointment of Ryzen 7 5800X3D Now is the time to focus on much more important things, like the real release of the year: the new AMD Ryzen 7000 processors (Raphael), which should start mass production By the end of September or at the beginning of the fourth trimester at the latest.

It was on the latest episode of AMD’s “Meet The Experts” show, where the director of memory activation, Joshep Taomade an interesting statement about the upcoming processors alongside a representative from Samsung, noting that the company had helped bring its server platform to life and how the two companies will work together to deliver next-gen solutions to the future.

AMD Ryzen 7000 and LGA1718 AM5 socket

While Samsung would play a key role in enabling DDR5 memory for AMD’s next-generation EPYC Genoa server platform, with DIMM capacities of up to 512GB, what we were most interested in is came into the Q&A session, where Joseph Tao made a really interesting statement regarding Ryzen 7000 desktop processors:

“Our first DDR5 gaming rig is our Raphael rig, and one of the amazing things about Raphael is that it try to make a splash with overclocking And I’ll leave it at that, but speeds that you might not have thought possible could be possible with this overclocking spec.”

It should be remembered that with the AMD Ryzen 7000, the company should can finally reach the 5.00 GHz barrier, and it is even rumored that this speed could be reached by all the cores, so we go from a Ryzen 7 5800X3D not very favorable to overclocking, to a platform that AMD is already unveiling which will surprise users thanks to its capabilities. overclocking. It must be remembered that these processors will arrive with the new AMD Zen4 architecture as well as TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process to make this possible.

GeIL ORION Phantom Gaming Edition AMD

Added to this is that along with its processors, its technology will also debut AMD RAMP (Accelerated memory profile). Essentially, we are dealing with the counterpart technology of the Intel® XMPwhich allows access to memory frequency profiles well above JEDEC specifications by adding overclocking to the equation, so we have another section where the company will improve its performance.

This information was disclosed in the latest update of the tool HWiINFOwhere it was revealed that in addition to improving support for the upcoming AMD AM5 platform, it added preliminary support for AMD RAMP technology. AMD RAMP technology should be compatible with Intel XMP modules, but it will also allow memory manufacturers to adopt their technology exclusively, as was the case with the A-AMP memory kits certified G.Skill or GeIL AMD Ryzen .

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