It seems that finally the APU AMD Mendocino It will be a big disappointment in the portable console market, and it is that although it was expected to be similar to the SoC of the Steam Deck, at the moment of truth the performance will be significantly lower in the graphics sectionand it is that although the SoC AMD Aerith manufactured according to the needs of Steam has 512 stream processors under the RDNA2 architecture, the integrated graphics in Mendocino include only 2 compute units, which translates to only 128 stream processorsthat is to say, it incorporates four times fewer cores compared to the portable console from Valve.

AMD Mendocino

This SoC was originally announced for low cost and long range laptops, but due to the use of graphics AMD RDNA2 It is used as the main claim for handheld consoles. We saw it today with the AYANEO Air Pluswhich is not an interesting option now, since it will only offer 128 cores for a display with Full HD resolution, that even if the game then runs at 720p, the power of the GPU will not allow it to smoothly run virtually any modern high-end game. Obviously, the console with this more limited SoC is noticeably cheaper, but it also noticeably limits the gaming experience.

Curiously, this information comes from China, since at no time did AMD reveal any details of the GPU which incorporates the AMD Mendocino beyond the pretense of the RDNA2 architecture. AYANEO has done the same with its console, since at no time does it extend the information concerning the integrated graphics card.

via: IT Home