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Synology forces to buy more expensive hard drives for its NAS

Taiwanese manufacturer Synology enjoys high prestige in the server industry SINsince they had their DSM, which worked very well, in addition to having a good price. Or at least it was before, since the new 2022 models are affected by a new Politics What requires you to buy hard drives from the brandwhich are much more expensive compared to other options.

Synology has grown in popularity and its products are trusted by customers knowing they are their choice for NAS servers. This means that over the years they have been able to get more revenue by forcing the use of proprietary hardware. So, for example, a lot more money had to be spent on proprietary RAM, since that was the compatible for it to work perfectly. Now it looks like they’ve gone one step further and have hit where it hurts on a NAS, HDDs.

Synology warns: “Buy our hard drives if you don’t want problems with your NAS”

Synology Policy Expensive Hard Drive Brand

With this threat, Synology proceeds with its new measure, from which it is difficult to escape, since if you want to install a hard disk of another brand, it will come out an error. So is it worth getting rid of and going for the legal right? Well, considering the prices, that’s not a good idea. We thus compare a 16 TB “official” hard drive Of the brand Synology how much does it cost 646 € against one Seagate Exos X18 of 16 TB the penalty 300 euro.

What a difference in price, knowing that Synology hard drives are really the brand Toshiba, he just put a sticker of the company and nothing else. Therefore, in making a comparison of you to you, a Toshiba MG08 of 16 TB Cost 261 €. Plus, we have comparison images between the two so that it’s pretty clear what the fuss is about.

Cheap Synology Vs. Cheap Toshiba 16TB Hard Drive

Between these two discs, there is a price difference almost 300 euro and, they have the same design, the same capacity and well, they are basically identical. We are in the clear rename or rename of the Synology brand which he takes advantage of to make good profits with each sale.

Newer models like the Synology DS2422+ only accept third-party hard drives

Synology NAS DS2422+ compatibility

This particular NAS model was launched this year at a price of around €2,000just receive compatibility with a non-Synology hard drive. It would be a Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC310 and it becomes the only “cheap” option compared to Synology hard drives. So let’s say we installed one ignoring the company’s advice.

First we would stay No warranty, subject to Synology’s policy. Then the error we mentioned earlier would appear, but we didn’t detail it, i.e. it will say that the disk “not verified“. With this, the NAS detects that you are in danger, such as when we pass software to monitor our records. The difference is that Synology eliminates monitoring CLEVER for unbranded records, another blow to the customer.

Now imagine that we have a consumer with one of these NAS, where he keeps valuable information. As soon as you see an error and notice in redyou might think your data is in danger, with constant alarms and you might think your hard drive is not working, lose money with that. But the icing on the cake is that Synology itself does not offer support if you have not purchased a compatible product.

Given the situation, a multitude of reviews of users appeared on sites like Reddit or videos of Youtube.

Synology DS2422+ NAS priced at €2,000 gets more expensive

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