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Sunbreak exceeds 3 million copies sold

The Monster Hunter video game saga has been with us for nearly two decades, though in its early days it wasn’t even a fraction of its current popularity, at least in the West. Now with the latest version, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunsethave been exceeded 3 million copies sold worldwide since it went on sale on July 29, 2022 for pc Yes To change.

The first game of monster hunterlaunched in 2004, and succeeded in captivating a community of fans, that even if it was nicheThey were very faithful to the saga. And that’s what Monster Hunter fans usually dedicate hundreds of hours in each episode of the saga, with the aim of defeating all the monsters. The latest installment, called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, is about a increase expansionBut that hasn’t slowed sales, which currently stand at over 3 million.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset

Despite being an expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is selling like hotcakes

When we talk about game expansions or DLCs, we generally think that these will sell a small fraction from the original game. And it is that, as a requirement to play these, you must first own the base game. This allows you to filter out true fans, from those who aren’t or don’t think it’s a good buy to invest in such DLC.

However, it’s not so strictly filled with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which although it doesn’t match its predecessor in terms of sales, they are still very high. We just talk in the first weekMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is complete 2 million copies sold In the whole world. If we compare this to the base game, Monster Hunter Rise, it surpassed the 4 million copies sold in the first weekremembering that we are talking about the base game.

Sticking to Rise, it’s currently sold out 10 million units worldwide since its launch. In comparison, after only 2 weeks, Monster Hunter Rise: sun break It’s been over 3 million copies sold. With this, we can say that over 30% of Rise players have purchased the DLC.

Why is the Sunbreak extension so successful?

To begin to answer this question, we must first go back a bit to the past of the saga and its evolution. In short, you could say that the first installments of Monster Hunter had rough controls, but a wide variety of monsters next to a great difficulty. With the arrival on the market of laptops with PSP and Nintendo 3DSthe MH saga is gradually becoming known to the Western community, even if most sales are made in Japan.

It took an opposite turn with monster hunter worldthe first game with next-gen graphics and a complete overhaul of the combat system. If before we had brutal control and a fight that reminded us of a dark souls That is Ring of Elden (wait for them to attack, dodge and attack), with World it became more of a the devil may cry. This aspect of gameplay has been strengthened in Monster Hunter Rise, with the addition of the Cordoptera.

And again, expanded with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset, but not only from there comes the sales success. The fans’ need for a greatest difficultya more monsters and an late game progress satisfactory are other contributing factors. In the new episode, afflicted monsters they are what the community wanted so much, beasts a lot more powerful it will hurt us.

Of course, not everything is positive, since it received a lot of criticism from players. This is mainly due to the high price enlargement (€39.99), but also due to problems of performance and crashes especially in its version for pc.

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