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Stray Kitten is now the highest rated Steam game of 2022

The launch of the video game wander, the video game where you control a stray cat, was a complete success. Before it went on sale, it was already the most searched game on Steam and once it debuted on the platform, it hit ratings”extremely positive“. This trend has gone further, making Stray the highest user-rated Steam game of 2022.

Stray has been available for less than a week since its debut on Steam, where it has been very well received by both the Sales Regarding the critical. And it is that the game where we control a kitten while we explore a cyberpunk city has pleased the vast majority of consumers. In fact, on its second day on the market, it has already reached a 97% positive feedback among Steam users. Now, after receiving a lot more reviews, the percentage continues to hold its own, leading the list of top rated games on Steam in 2022.

Stray tops the list of highest rated God of War games on Steam in 2022

Stray captivates more and more players, whether through its aesthetics, its design, its music and, above all, its kitten as the protagonist. And it is that few people have been able to rate this title negatively on Steam, seeing how it has achieved to survive same god of war in the criticism. We then speak of reaching a 98% of positive comment through 42,655 votes (updated data) vs. 97% Yes 53,101 votes of God of War. This allowed him to reach a score of 8.61 in Steam250which assigns a rating based on positive and negative reviews and the number of users who have rated the game.

However, Stray isn’t Steam’s highest-rated game of all time, as it holds the position 49 of the Top 250 according to this Steam listing. That said, the highest rated Steam game of all time is for the mythical Portal 2, which receives a score of 8.83 and one 99% off positive comment after accumulating 301,930 votes. Behind this we have terrariums ranked second, star valley What third Yes underworld come in fourth place. As a noteworthy mention, in the Top 10 among the highest rated on Steam, we have a fairly recent game, vampire survivorswhose low prices Yes replayability paid off, taking sixth place.

On the opposite side we also have the list of lowest rated games on steam. Here the top 1 is free play War of the Three Kingdomslaunched in December 2021 and accumulating a 13% positive feedback and 15,717 votes. In this list of the least liked games, we have known the already well-known Battlefield 2042his counterpart in the world of football, the eFootball 2022NBA 2K21, Wolfenstein: Youngblood or Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III.

Stray is not perfect, it receives criticism for its short duration and simplicity

Stray Review Gameplay Duration

Although it currently has a very good metacritical score of 83/100 and one 8.9/10 speak users, the game also received its share of reviews. The most negative aspect, it seems, was the duration of Stray, since only lasts between 5 and 7 hours, at our pace. In fact, some gamers wanted to take advantage of Steam’s cashback system with this game. In case you didn’t know about it, Steam lets you return video games Until you pass the 2 hours game in 2 weeks.

This may seem like a very short and overly forced interval, but what if we tell you that Stray includes a achievement to have fun before 2 o’clock? Well, here many users wanted to try their luck. Thus appeared many”speed runners” who beat the game before exceeding these few hours. With this, they can request a return to Steam and receive a Repayment, making the game free for them. Moreover, this method is somewhat completely legal and, therefore, people have nothing to lose by trying.

As for the rest of the negative reviews Stray received on Steam, it was all about being Too easy in terms of gameplay. Thus, the little exploration it offers and gameplay based on platforms and jumps with a few more additions. Moreover, they complain that puzzle of the game (although they are welcome) become too easy to solve. Finally, many users have criticized the presence of stuttering on Stray, especially on the PC version of Steam. Here the version of playstation5 of the game of the kitty prevails, since it does not suffer from these variations in the frames.

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