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Stray Kitten becomes Steam’s most searched game

Last month, we announced the news confirming that wanderthe video game where you control a stray cat, would come to PC. With this, it was confirmed that it would only be exclusive to PlayStation 5 in the console realm, expanding its market reach. So much so that Stray received an incredible reception in Steamexceeding The day beforean expected MMOs of zombies which was the previous game to top the most searched games list on Steam.

The day before had catapulted into wish list number 1 from the Steam platform, indicating incredible success. However, this zombie MMO had some controversialbecause its developer claims to have used employees”volunteers” to contribute to the game. Among these, volunteering part time contributed to the activities Translation or community moderation.

Day Before developers claim to have over 140 volunteers

Steam Wishlist The Volunteer Eve

fantasticthe company behind The Day Before, the zombie MMO that will run under Unreal Engine 5, announces that they have a large number of volunteers in their team. It is curious that he calls them “workers“when they are full time, but”collaborators“when they’re only part-time. Between them, they have over 100 full-time volunteers and 40 part-time volunteers.

“Anyone can volunteer part-time to contribute to the Fntastic community and earn interesting rewards“.

“Today, we have more than 100 full-time volunteer interns (employees) from Singapore, Russia, the Netherlands, Thailand, Ukraine, Finland, Kazakhstan and Belarus who work as engineers, artists, human resource professionals, etc. “said the studio.

“We also have 40 external volunteers from the United States and around the world (collaborators) which help to test and evaluate our products at a very early stage. For example, many people have offered to help test a new version of our game this week. Propnightpublished by our partner Mytone.”

As we read, Fntastic uses in its projects a large amount of unpaid workers which he pays with “fantastic rewards”. Moreover, they are proud of their number and suggest that it is a great option to get into one of these positions. The game will be released March 1, 2023and until recently it was the most searched on Steam, until Stray deleted the post.

Stray becomes the most desired game on Steam, ahead of Silksong or Starfield

Stray Most Wanted Silksong Starfield Steam Game

Stray seems to have captivated its players with this mix of originality, good graphics with low requirements and aesthetic. Also, why deny it, control a stray cat in a city cyberpunk It is something that catches our attention. It will be a third person game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and will use the familiar UE4 graphics engine.

Unlike much of today’s PC games which demand very high demands for most users, Stray will run on decade-old hardware. You do not believe it ? So point some minimum requirementsbarely a processor AMD FX-8350 That is Intel Core i5-2500K As for the processor. With the graphics card is satisfied with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX650Ti or a AMD Radeon R7 360 of 2 GB both.

According to RAMrequest a total of 8 GB and only 10 GB of storage available. Besides, his release date is the next, since the next will come out July 19so if you are a cat lover you will probably be interested.

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