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Star Citizen hits Alpha 3.17, though there aren’t many changes

star citizen received a new update yesterday afternoon, which brings the game to its version Alpha 3.17although the news is not that they are very remarkable, and it is that the possibility is added that users can sell items in their inventory (anything you find and can take around the world or that weapon that another player “drops” in the middle of a pool of blood), is integrated a ship-to-ship refueling systemwhich the developers say will make it easier for players to dive into the depths of space.

“Whether it’s stocking up on other pilots, hauling lots of cargo through the system, or taking your mining game to the next level with new rock breaker rigs, Alpha 3.17 is overloaded with ways for you to earn cold hard credits. This is the perfect place to start or begin expanding your interstellar business or industrial empire.”

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In addition, players can now have access mining tools, which modify the rock breaking process to make it faster, easier, or more successful. couldn’t miss a new paying shipthe first ship in MISC’s signature Hull series, the MISC Hull A, designed to carry heavy loads through space, and we conclude by noting that Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 lays the groundwork for the implementation of rivers, such as in-universe waterways, which will be added in future updates.

“The first ship in MISC’s iconic Hull series is now available to fly. Designed to move heavy payloads throughout the system and beyond, it’s the perfect tool for pilots looking to take their careers to the next level. carrier to the next level.”

“Alpha 3.17 includes the initial implementation of rivers. This is the first phase of introducing rivers to the universe, which will be added in future patches.”

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