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Spain will be the first country in Europe to regulate loot boxes

We start this Wednesday with some somewhat controversial news, and that is, Alberto GarzonMinister of Consumer Affairs, today announced a “specific law“intended to regulate loot boxes in Spain or loot boxes in video games. Alberto Garzón announced this new regulation as a “pioneering law in Europe”, with the aim of regulating loot boxes.

Within this group there are included also they NFT or cryptocurrencies. This future law was presented at the inauguration of the seminar “Loot Boxes, new challenges for the video game industry” held today at 10:00 a.m. in Madrid.

The seminar on Loot Boxes in Spain where Garzón presented the law

Loot Boxes Spain Law Seminar

The loot boxes or loot boxeshave been present in a large number of video games for many years, being MappleStory the first video game that released this system in 2004. At the time, said game was a popular MMORPG that sold tickets gachapon for 100 yen each and when you used them you received a random prize.

Today it works similarly, except that our Payments to receive said award are usually adorned with boxes, treasures or a chest of gems. This mechanic does not differ much from a typical game of chance in a casino, slot machine or sports betting centers, applied only to a video game.

According to Garzón, the objective of this future law will be “to make best law possible for the protection of all consumers and people who play video games. Moreover, “this will allow enjoy and which is compatible with the preservation and the maximization of the health of all consumers and, in particular, of the most vulnerable”.

Within the most vulnerable group of people, we have undoubtedly youthboth boys and girls. And it is that, according to the National Drug Control Plan, a 30% of students (3 out of 10) have money invested in video games during 2021 to enhance their characters and aesthetics in video games. Here comes the “skinswhich are one of the typical prices for some loot boxes.

Loot boxes promote play among young people

Loot Boxes Youth Addiction

For this reason, it is considered a dangersince it is directly linked to the pathological addiction to gambling, called pathological gambling. Gambling is a disease characterized by the constant need to wager money to see a result, whether negative or positive. Similarly, the person with this psychological disorder cannot resist the urge to bet to see what the new game has in store.

It can be turned into a vicious circle where the player who suffers from it sees his life more and more degraded; psychologically and economically speaking, but, in turn, can’t stop betting money. And that’s it, loot boxes are basically that, but decorated in a much nicer and more varied way. We have everything from card packs, supply boxes, crystals to unlock characters… With rewards ranging from everyday objects to extreme rarity.

The rarer and harder to get the reward, the higher the reward. gained dopamine for this lucky guy who tried his luck and emerged victorious. We just have to wait in the future if this regulation goes in the right direction or if we end up like Belgium and the Netherlands What they were banned totally.

VIA: Spanish Government

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