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Spain and Lenovo sign for 3 years and 7 million to investigate chips

A few days ago, Barcelona made headlines by hosting an ARM supercomputer called MareNostrum 5. The center where it would be located is the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), thus becoming a very important point for development and research. Today, this center located in Barcelona received a investment of 7 million euros along three yearsfrom lenovo. It would be the largest investment that the multinational has made in Spain.

Lenovo is a gigantic multinational company located in Beijing (China), founded in 1984 and currently responsible for selling PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, monitors and other devices. As we can see, it handles a very wide market sector and also at competitive prices, growing the business by leaps and bounds. Moreover, in the latter fiscal yearexceeded $70 billion in revenue, with profits of $2 billionwhich represents an increase of 72% compared to the previous year.

Lenovo increases its profits and decides to double the investment in R&D

Lenovo Investment R&D Factory

Thanks in part to COVID-19[feminine]the raise of telework authorized the sale of lenovo laptops skyrocketed, significantly increasing their profits in this sector. In addition, its solutions and services sector (GSS), solve problems of OBJECT and its infrastructure solutions business (ISG) have proven to capture customer interest.

Seeing that the company is growing steadily, its President and CEO, Yuanqing Yang, is determined to double investment in R&D. Therefore, a few days ago Lenovo opened a new factory in Hungary, intended for server infrastructures, storage systems and workstations. It would be the first factory of the Chinese multinational to Europethus employing more than 1,000 workers in engineering, management and operations.

Now Lenovo has decided that its next investment it will be the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), where an agreement has been signed that promises 7 million euros over three years. This sum of money will be used to advance the precision medicine through the use of supercomputing. In addition, it will focus on the development of european chips open source and will eventually allow the creation of new supercomputers and energy-sustainable centers.

Lenovo’s investment in BSC will focus on chip creation and DNA research

Lenovo Investment BSC Open Source Chips

The first of Lenovo’s objectives with this investment will be the use of supercomputing for precision medicine. This will facilitate the storage of data relating to the DNAwho can occupy million gigabytes in the databases. In the field of research at BSC, Michael Moreto will guide this team which will be in charge of improving the analysis of genomic data thanks to new accelerators. Thanks to this, it will be possible to study new treatments against deadly diseases such as cancer.

Another use for Lenovo’s investment in the BSC will be to increase the Efficiency of supercomputers. And it is that, the most powerful can consume the equivalent of a town Medium sized. Here, Julita Corbalan will lead this team, which will be responsible for the development of Software for the optimization and power management in these systems.

Finally, a technology will be designed to develop chips with an architecture of open-source and simple instructionsRISC-V?. This is part of the project to promote the competitiveness of Europe based on technology and not lagging behind other countries. This is why the EU aims to double its participation in the global marketwhere it should reach twenty% for 2030.

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