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SpaceX has fired several employees for criticizing Elon Musk

Between so much Activision Blizzard news and its constant fines and disputes in the workplace and its workers, we need a little more variety. For this reason, we now receive news about this, but applied to SpaceX and Elon Musk. This indicates that SpaceX fired employees who participated in writing and distributing a letter criticizing Elon Musk.

As The New York Times reports, SpaceX allegedly fired workers who wrote and distributed an open letter criticizing Elon Musk, its CEO. He accused Musk of having a inappropriate behavior on social networks (Twitter), being a “common cause of distraction and embarrassment“, asking SpaceX to punish him. Apparently, they got the Backfiresince these were fired.

The exact number of firings for criticizing Elon Musk’s behavior on Twitter is not known

Elon Musk Twitter criticizes the behavior

According to three unidentified workers and a letter from the president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, Gwyne Shotwell, the dismissal of several employees is confirmed, but their exact number is not known. The letter that caused this referenced Elon Musk’s Twitter distractions. East unprofessional attitude on the social network, he creates shame around him and the company, according to the letter.

As a side note, in February the SEC opened a to research on Musk linked to his tweets, albeit this time for possible use of inside information. This indicates that they didn’t believe the CEO of Tesla would ever leak things that shouldn’t appear in public media. In this particular case, the court recently ruled that the company’s lawyers You’re here must follow approving the tweets.

“Please stay focused on the SpaceX mission and use your time to do your best. This is how we will get to Mars.”

Returning to the critical letter to Elon Musk, he received words of defense from Shotwell, arguing that these types of letters are not acceptable in the work environment. According to the director, it is not appropriate to send emails unsolicited emails to thousands of people across the company to sign a letter.

The letter also refers to allegations of sexual misconduct by Musk.

Sexual conduct of Elon Musk SpaceX

The letter does not stop at his behavior on Twitter, but will make a dent in the CEO of SpaceX stating that he had a sexual behavior inappropriate with a hostess. This incident happened in 2016, where Musk allegedly asked for a “full body massageand offered to buy him a horse to the hostess if she “did more“.

Yes, as unrealistic as the situation seems, according to Insider, Musk encouraged the flight attendant to offer payment of professional training in massages to assist you during the flights. The assistant reportedly refused the CEO’s offer and felt less punished Shifts at SpaceX.

Given the situation, SpaceX paid for it $250,000 to the stewardess to resolve the curious conflict that has arisen. However, on May 20, Elon Musk indicated on Twitter that everything was false accusations, without denying payment by the company. Moreover, he now has the support of Shotwell, who defends Musk by saying that “personally“I don’t think that’s true.

“The letter, the applications and the overall process gave employees the feeling that Iuncomfortable, intimidated Yes harassed and/or angry that the letter made them sign something that didn’t reflect their point of view. We have so much critical work to do and we don’t need this kind of over-the-top activism.”

Employees, who are generally protected from retaliation by the reporting rules of the OSHA, this time it looks like they won’t. Indeed, these apply to the field of security, fraud or environmental problems. Since none of these cases are alleged in this situation, they probably do not enjoy such protection.

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