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SoundCloud acquires AI that claims to predict hit songs

sound cloudthe popular music streaming service, has acquired the Singaporean startup museumcentered on the artificial intelligence audio (IA). As stated, its technology is capable of hear something new And supposedly “identifying” future successes Of the industry.

Although the value of the acquisition is unknown, at least it is known that Musiio was worth $10 million in 2021. This acquisition aims to help SoundCloud to organize your huge amateur music library in order to “become the center of the SoundCloud discovery experience“, the company said in the official statement.

The implementation of AI would thus solve a current problem, since the existence of DIY audio platforms such as SoundCloud, reduces the barrier of entry for amateur artists and floods the platform with new music, but the identifying and promoting good songs becomes more difficult. With this purchase, SoundCloud claims that Musiio’s tools will be able to quickly filter through countless hours of music (usually poor quality) and select songs that have models and features that look like hits music charts.

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With over 300 million songs Composed of 30 million creators and listened to in more than 190 countries, SoundCloud is the platform that hosts more world music. Musiio was founded in June 2018 and was recently named one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies for 2022. SoundCloud will integrate the entire workforce of Musiio employees, who will retain their positions.

“The acquisition of Musiio accelerates our strategy to better understand how music evolves uniquely, which is critical to our success,” SoundCloud President Eliah Seton said in a statement.

“SoundCloud is not only a legendary household name, but also an artist company that I believe is the future of the new holistic music industry. I am incredibly proud that after 4 years of building Musiio, we were now part of SoundCloud.

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