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Sony would have blocked the accumulation of subscriptions for the renewed PlayStation Plus

It seems that Sony does not want to lose a single penny for the renewal of its PlayStation Plus service, and for this it would report that the company reportedly disabled stacking of PlayStation Plus subscriptions (PSPlus) and PlayStation Now (PS Now) before the next renewal of your subscription services.

Concretely, it is indicated that there are more and more users of a PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 console who were unable to use prepaid subscriptions for the past few days, and the issue appears to be widespread based on messages sent to official PlayStation support channels and reports on popular forums like Reddit.

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Although PlayStation has yet to officially rule on the matter, several affected users claim to have been told by Sony customer service representatives that the company has temporarily blocked the accumulation of subscriptions.

“Due to upcoming PS Plus subscription changes, PS Plus subscription stacking is currently not available as we have removed the ability to do so,” one user said after contacting Sony. “We understand how important this is to you and will have answers on how it will work once the new PS Plus subscription is available.”

“I understand how frustrating this must be. I can only advise you to wait until your current subscription ends and then redeem your code. Subscription extension/rollover is no longer available.”

It is clear that this measure is the result of an attempt by Sony to prevent players from saving a lot of money ahead of the launch of the revamped PlayStation Pluswhich will begin rolling out in May and structured into three payment tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium.

Prior to its withdrawal from sale in early April, 12-month subscriptions to PS Now cost $59.99 / €44.99. Sony had previously said that when the new PS Plus service launches, PS Now subscriptions will become PS Plus Premium, which will cost $119 / €99 for the annual version, literally more than double, and the company doesn’t want to lose a big amount of money.

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