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Sony is getting rid of a PlayStation Store monopoly lawsuit

Lately, the news has kept coming in announcing lawsuits for anti-competitive practices or antitrustas the case of Amazon in the EU. Now it’s the turn of sonywhat was respondent last May for maintaining the exclusive digital sale of games in the playstation store. However, to the surprise of many, Sony managed to convince the to research American so that the I rejectedemerging victorious.

In May, Sony Interactive Entertainment faces a lawsuit by consumers that has secured the company’s dominant position in its PlayStation Store. According to this, in said store, the digital keys of games, preventing other stores from doing so. Thus, they established that it was an antitrust practice deserving of sanction and the case was presented to the Court for the Northern District of California. Some time later, on July 15, Sony announced that it had successfully escaped said lawsuit.

The plaintiffs failed to accuse the PlayStation Store

Expensive digital games PlayStation Store

The plaintiffs weren’t big corporations and powerful corporations with large sums of money and resources behind them, not at all. In fact they were just a group of players who regularly purchased games from the PlayStation Store. According to them, Sony Interactive Entertainment is monopolizing the digital market using its PlayStation Store platform.

“Sony’s monopoly allows it to charge supercompetitive prices by PlayStation digital games, which are much higher than their physical retail versions, and significantly higher than they would be in a retail digital game market. »

They accused her of selling in her store digital games exclusivelypreventing stores like Amazon That is walmart They can’t sell them for 2 years. Can only be purchased from the PlayStation Store, they demand that Sony take advantage of the situation to put higher prices than physical versions. They assure in their sentence, that the price imposed by the PS Store is up to a 175% superior to a physical edition.

However, these accusations against Sony and its Store failed, since the judge Richard Seeborg of the Court granted the motion to dismiss on July 15.

Sony has gotten rid of the lawsuit for now, but the case is not over

PlayStation Store escapes monopoly lawsuit

According to the judge, the plaintiffs have not sufficiently demonstrated that Sony violated the Sherman Antitrust Law. This was the first measure imposed by the United States to combat situations of market dominance by a company. In this case, the consumer group making the complaint had to demonstrate that the purpose of the PlayStation Store was finish the competition and with that, she herself benefits.

“The motion to dismiss granted because plaintiffs failed to adequately allege anti-competitive behavior under the Sherman Act. »

“While it is unclear at this time whether the deficiencies can be corrected, the plaintiff is permitted to amend,” Judge Richard Seeborg added.

It may seem like an outright victory for Sony and its PlayStation Store, but the legal battle isn’t over yet. And it is this, adds the judge himself, that the plaintiffs have the possibility of resubmit a amended complaint. This would allow the case to continue and Sony would have to find arguments to get out of this situation.

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