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Sony finally buys the Bungie studio, creator of Halo and Destiny

At the end of January, jim ryanthe head of sony Interactive Entertainment, announced the decision to buy the studio Bungie for $3.6 billion. However, we had to wait until July 15 for the deal to really close. Now we can finally say that Bungie belongs to Sony, and, with this agreement, the Japanese company takes on the creator of the saga Halo Yes Fate.

Sony announced last Friday that the contract to buy Bungie has finally been closed and can be considered to be already owned by the company. With that, play station acquires the makers of the famous Halo and the online shooter Destiny. This acquisition by Sony would be for develop the catalog and access more players who have consoles of the brand. So, having a studio that deals in high-quality shooters with an online component might attract more consumers.

Sony’s takeover of Bungie finally becomes official

We had to wait almost six months, but finally Sony acquired Bungie, as announced on Twitter. It thus welcomes the company into the PlayStation family, and this is expected to help Sony in some ways. Specifically, the Live Service Gaming (LSG) sector, which are the ones that continuously receive updates for long years. So we have examples like Fortnite That is apex legendsthat although they are free, these offer new things in each seasonbe beauty products, weapons, Maps That is game modes New.

Bungie fits right in here, with its popular video game destiny 2, which falls into this category. In fact, it is also a game available for free, where you receive updates and patches without paying a penny. However, the benefits must be generated somehow, i.e. if you want to access the extensionsyou will have to buy them, just like the many Downloadable Content what the saga offers. These arrive in the form of weapons, gestures, new content or directly silver coinswhich are the currency of microtransactions from Destiny 2.

Therefore, Sony will bet heavily on this type of game, since it plans to launch more 10 live service games for March 2026. So, with this deal finalized, we would have another of the purchases in the video game sector this year, as well as that of take two Yes Zynga in May. However, there is yet another greater good, the acquisition of ActivisionBlizzard from Microsoft value $68.7 billion.

Bungie will not make exclusive games for PlayStation, it will remain cross-platform

Non-Bungie Sony PlayStation Exclusive Games

Although the company is now owned by Sony, it will not release exclusive games for the PlayStation console. Thus, they confirmed that Bungie would remain the same, developing games compatible with various consoles. In fact, they want her to remain independent and oblivious playstation studioin addition to letting it develop new IP addresses of video games with its own essence. Something like that would make us think that Sony and PlayStation won’t get involved in the development of these titles, but they will in other aspects.

As we said before, Bungie will help Sony in the section of games as a service and this is where we find a connection. And it is that, it is rumored that the creators of Halo are already developing a new video game set in the Destiny universe. So far everything is normal, we could assume that it is a Destiny 3, but they add that it will have game elements competitive and it will be available for smart phones.

Indeed, Bungie collaborates in its development with the Chinese giant NetEase and it is estimated that they have been together for about 2 years to get this hypothesis “mobile of destiny“Actually, that wouldn’t seem like a stretch given the huge success he’s had immortal devil (especially in terms of income).

“NetEase creates and operates some of the most popular games on the planet. We’re excited to learn from their experience as we enter this new chapter in Bungie’s history,” said Pete Parson, CEO of Bungie.

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