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Some GPUs are below their official price… And they are not sold

A curious situation is unfolding with graphics cards and apparently only AMD reacts, albeit slightly. As you surely know, cryptocurrencies are falling due to multiple factors, but above all one main thing: rising interest rates and all that entails. This results in many red team GPUs already being priced below MSRP and…not selling. The solution AMD is going to put into play isn’t that great, but it might help: Increase the game.

They were 18 months of madness, a year and a half when many have been trying to actively and passively do business with graphics cards and now the market is going to be filled with them at “logical” prices and manufacturers have a serious problem. Nobody wants to buy graphics cards and therefore the stock of these is always on store shelves.

AMD Raise The Game, solution or desperate measure?


AMD or NVIDIA can’t do much right now except MSRP price drop or leave their cheaper chips to manufacturers to compete on price with the used market. We thought it would happen shortly before AMD or NVIDIA’s presentation and no, it’s here, it’s arrived and it’s going to destroy the market, user apathy as well as inflation and used stock are destroying everything.

As we say AMD’s solution goes through its bundles, the latest one called Raise the Game is going to focus on something that has been done for a long time and is nothing more than increasing the value of your product by adding incentives for people to bite into this.

amd rx 6000 price

Knowing that new AAA titles are currently at 60 euros on average on PC, adding a pair to the purchase of a GPU is a good claim, but only if these are expected by players.

For this reason, it is rumored (unbelievable that we talk about it like that) that AMD could include Saint’s Row (released August 23) or Elite Sniper 5 (May 25) where they can also be selected with all RX 6000 GPUs presented to date, including the RX 6000 Refresh, without distinction. As we anticipated yesterday before knowing all this in depth, the promotion is valid from 10 of this month until August 13but there are no confirmed games, which shows the problem AMD has.

Nobody wants to buy new GPUs, panic is coming to AMD and NVIDIA

AMD-RX-6000 Bundle

And let’s not talk about NVIDIA, where apparently they have a lot more stock than AMD to sell and they’re not getting it either, so either the prices drop to an extreme or it seems the average user preferred opt for a console given the theft and abuse they have made of your trust over the past 18 months. Plus, who’s going to buy when the new RX 7000 and RTX 40 in just 3 months in store being infinitely more powerful and at similar prices?

It is ironic that after treating users like this, they are the ones who no longer want to buy their products or at prices below MSRP, where miners are scooping water after the debacle of Ethereum and others cryptocurrencies. Where will this end? We don’t know, but we asked a question on air again, does Intel delay the output of your ARC GPUs on purpose because he does not want to enter a saturated and declining market?

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