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Silicon Power Announces XPOWER Zenith DDR5 RAM

silicon power joins the DDR5 fashion with its RAM modules XPOWER Zenith DDR5 Yes XPOWER Zenith RGB DDR5which as the name suggests, uses an RGB LED lighting system attached to the top of the aluminum cooling system.

For the rest, the two memories are identical, which you can choose with modules of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB of capacity with speeds that start from a modest 5200MHz until reaching the 6000MHz for the top model of the series. Depending on the speed, this memory will have a power consumption of 1.25v to 1.35v.

Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith DDR5

By deepening the information, the modules of 5200MHz they have latencies CL38 @ 1.25v, those of 5600MHz with latencies CL40 @1.25v and those of 6000MHz with latencies CL40 @ 1.35v. All kits come with lifetime warranty, fast overclocking support for Intel XMP 3.0 technology, if you choose RGB model, you can manage lighting with software from many motherboard manufacturers (ASRock, Asus , Biostar, Gigabyte or MSI), and are available in black and whitealthough of course, as usual, do not expect any details regarding its availability or price.

“Experience even faster frequencies, higher capacities and lower voltages with the latest version of our Zenith series, the XPOWER Zenith DDR5 UDIMM module. Take your gaming skills to new heights with turbo speeds ranging from 5200 MHz at 6000 MHz. It is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB module densities, with double the benches and double the burst lengths compared to DDR4, to give gamers and overclockers the demanding the power to harness the performance of DDR5 It’s a game-changer.”

The aluminum heatsink, available in white or black and with a “hair texture” finish, promotes maximum heat dissipation and thermal management. This effect is further enhanced by low power consumption of 1.25V to 1.35V, an on-chip error-correcting code (ECC), and a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) to deliver a stable, uninterrupted gaming experience at the highest resolutions while the clock ticks cold, no matter how hot the competition.

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