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Shredder’s Revenge, the Ninja Turtles return in 2D on PC

The absence of E3 this year was a disappointment for many, but we have alternatives like the 2022 Summer Game Party. This gala took place yesterday, showing a good number of new titles. Between several triple AAA and a few nuggets like that of Come backthere is also a game for the more retro, the TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. A game of beat’em up in 2D what will come out next June 16where we will control the Ninja Turtles that hit each other and remind us of an atmosphere of the eighties.

Summer Game Fest 2022, held on June 9, was a surprise to some and a disappointment to others. Yes OK It’s not up to par provided that E3, both in number of games and in quality, it helped us to see how the panorama was. Some announced games, like Last Of Us, were expected, others like Calisto Protocol turned out to be the revival of old sagas like Dead Space. Yes, what no one expected was that a new video game from the Ninja Turtlesin 2D and with an aesthetic of 80 years.

The new TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is a nod to arcade games

TMNT Shredder's Revenge Arcade

It is a very strange event, and it is that we are in the middle of 2022, with a video game of a “famous” franchise, which comes out on consoles and PC, without offering spectacular graphics, rather, they seem d a long time ago. 30 years. Here’s his idea, and it’s to pay homage to that era in the late 80s and early 90s, where movie theaters recreational they were very popular.

Here the game uses this nostalgia which may affect some of us, reminding us of the mythical rage streetbut with a more relaxed style and childish. Concerning TMNT, it is necessary to underline the use of its leprechaun 2d and animations good quality without leaving behind Musicwhere at least the trailer gives us a melody that reminds us of Retro Wave.

Respect to gameplayit will be a classic 2d side scroller, where we will hit all kinds of vandals and some bosses while enjoying up to 6 local players Where on line. Also, there will be a good amount of enemies on the screen, so chaotic battles are expected and with good action dose.

Casey Jones will be one of the protagonists of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game

Casey Jones TMNT

One of the playable characters featured in the game’s trailer would be CaseyJones, companion of the Ninja Turtles and who has appeared in numerous comics and films. It would be a ace up my sleevethus realizing that the community of Fans have the opportunity to play with him.

It’s about a night watchman, where its own author said it was for parody to the heroes of other comics. Casey is armed with a sports kit based on a medley of baseball, cricket, and golf bats. Although his armed principal and the design is based on a mask and a stick of hockey.

That said, the game will be available from June 16 in all the consoles current generation, as in pc. Additionally, it will be available in Xbox Game Pass from that same day, so if you are fans of the saga you already know what to do.

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