Seagate announced its future HDDs last year. 20 TB or morefollowing with some delay the roadmap which placed them at 2020. Fast forward to January 2022we have a new notice where Seagate states that they already distribute disks of 22TB HSMR only for select customers. Today we know from SATA-IO that a Seagate hard drive of 22TB with technology CMR (conventional magnetic recording) called “Osprey“, could be on sale in the global market shortly.

SATA I/O, the international organization that oversees the development and adoption of Serial ATA technology, periodically performs interoperability testing for current and future hardware to ensure that it meets proposed specifications and is compatible with other SATA devices. These tests are performed by many OEM PC and server manufacturers; that require SATA drives and controllers to pass the tests before being used and launched on the market.

According to Seagate’s roadmap: 20 TB in 2020, 50 TB in 2026

Seagate Hard Drive Density

One of the recently leaked drives was the Seagate Osprey STL022, which appeared as a validated model on the SATA-IO integrator list, meaning it passed SATA interoperability testing. Another known piece of information about this hard drive is its part number STxxxxxSL0092-3CX103, in the case of a 3.5″ disk segment near the line (NM) for business environment. However, using the part number does not reveal the actual capacity and therefore another measure was used: comparing the model number.

For this, another disk has been observed in this SATA-IO list, a Seagate Exos X20 with 20 TB and with the code STL020; confirming then that this metric mentions the real capacity. Going through the news from Seagate itself, we don’t know, as they haven’t spoken publicly about the upcoming Seagate Exos X22, but they have talked about the launch of drives larger than 20TB. Seagate Osprey from 22TB filtered, this will have technology CMR Yes will compete against the puck super star HC570 CC 22TB from WesternDigitalalso CMR.

VIA: Toms Hardware