According to industry sources, Samsung would have taken the decision to close its last production lines of LCD panels. This decision would have been taken six months earlier than expected, and this is due the low profitability of the companysince these panels have come down in price considerably, and especially since manufacturers based in China and Taiwan have broken the market by offering even lower prices, so that the business of LCD televisions or monitors becomes less profitable , while mobile devices have already adopted more modern technologies, such as OLED, even in affordable devices.

Samsung Display’s LCD panel production has been extended to 2021 due to increased demand for electronic devices during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the standardization of display supplies and the onset of competition, Samsung had planned to shut down its LCD lines and focus on producing QD LED and OLED displays from the end of this year. However, this decision was brought forward.

Samsung QD-OLED Technology
Samsung QD-OLED Technology

Samsung’s apparent sudden change of heart needs no more explanation than the chart below, where Display Supply Chain Consultants shows the TV screen price index versus a year’s change on the other from January 2015 to today. The sharp drop observed since the end of 2021 is sufficient love wanting to get out of business as soon as possibleand we are talking about a drop in prices 60 percentand it is unclear if the bottom has already been reached or if things could get even worse.

Employees who were part of LCD’s business operations must be reassigned to the production of Samsung Display Quantum Dot and OLED screens to manufacture its new generation of panels for televisions, monitors and mobile devices.

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via: Korea Times