Samsung announced today that as soon as the weeks to comeduring this quarter (Q2 2022), will start the mass production process of 3GAE (3nm). Thanks to this, the company will go through two stages: to be the first to offer a 3nm manufacturing process of the industry (at least on paper, there is no mention of densities), in addition to being the first to use a manufacturing process with a design GAAFET (FET gate all around). 3GAE = at 3nm GAAFET.

“We are leveraging technology leadership with the world’s first mass production of the 3nm GAA process,” the company says in a PDF document for its investors.

“To outpace market growth by maintaining GAA’s technology leadership, adopting pricing strategies to secure future investments, and increasing yield and share of our advanced processes.

Samsung 3nm

According to Samsung, its manufacturing process for 3nm reduces overall silicon size 35 percent regarding the 5nm FinFET manufacturing process. In addition to being smaller, it promises a decrease in energy consumption about 50 percentwhile performance increases by 33 percent and transistor density increases 80%.

The design of GAAFETunlike FinFET, has channels in a horizontal arrangement surrounded by four doors, one on each side of the channel (vs. 3 of the FinFET design), which guarantees less energy leakage and, therefore, better control over the channel, a fundamental step when reducing the manufacturing process . This shift to a more efficient transistor design, coupled with the reduction in node size, is what enables the huge leap in performance per watt over the company’s touted 5nm FinFETs.