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Samsung will launch its Odyssey Ark, a 55-inch 4K curved monitor in August

Where years ago using 24-inch screens was the norm and custom, we now see 27″ and 32″ as the new norm. As the resolution increases from 1080P a 2K and increasingly established 4K, the increase in the size of the screens is something necessary. However, the Ark Samsung Odysseywhat is planned for Auguststands out from the new standards, considering that it measures 55 inches in 16:9 format.

The first time we heard about the Samsung Odyssey Ark was earlier this year, when CES 2022 celebrated on Vegas. The first impression was one of astonishment, because we had such a large monitor in a format that was not 21:9. And it is that, generally, the great “monitors” that have come out lately have been widely ultra wide. These types of panels have proven to be very useful for anyone who wants more width space, either for productivity or to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience.

Thanks to its 16:9 aspect ratio and HAS height adjustment, the Samsung Odyssey Ark can be used vertically

Samsung Odyssey Ark has portrait mode

However, this format was not very well received by all media, movies, programs and games; who continue to prioritize 16:9. So here’s Samsung, offering its curved Odyssey Ark at a whopping 55″ and 4K resolution, leaving us amazed at its size. Plus, it’s breaking the monitor trend ultra wide at 21:9 wide, sticking to the standard 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

Here, more than one will be happy, even if others will consider it a TV curve more than a monitor. On this subject, Samsung remains firm with the category to which it belongs, which makes us believe that it will come with little latency and maybe at a competitive refresh rate. However, it has a particularity and that is that you can rotate your screen 90 degrees and put it entirely vertical. With this and as we see in the image, a world of possibilities opens up to us, being able to divide the screen into Three parties without black borders.

Moreover, with this change, we can see that it will occupy a smaller space on our tables, provided we have enough height, of course. With this rotating curved effect, we see that it is ideal for viewing multimedia content while sitting in our chair. We also have a high quality panel as evidenced by the technology it uses which many will love.

This gigantic 55″ curved monitor will have a Quantum DOT Mini LED panel

Samsung Odyssey Ark Quantum DOT Mini LED

That’s right, this huge Samsung Odyssey Ark will have a 55″ panel with tech Mini LED Quantum DOT, achieving a much thinner screen. With such technology, Mini LED they occupy a significantly smaller size, thus taking up the entire monitor. This allows you to create a larger uniformity of light and, in turn, some deeper blacks. Thanks to this, we obtain blacks close to those of the OLEDalthough not reaching them yet, is a considerable improvement.

With over 1,000 lighting zones and improved colorimetry, you get a bright and brighter colors, clearly indicating that he will be a fairly competitive monitor in this sector. So if you’re interested, the leaks show that in August this specific model will be launched, although we have already warned that it will be Dear. For anyone who wants fewer inches, remember that the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 offers 32″ 4K Yes 240Hz to make your mouth water player more demanding.

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