Although a few days ago we knew that Samsung reportedly abandoned attempt to develop 13nm memory chipswe now know that at least with its more advanced chips the story is very different, and that is that by June of this year the company is expected to complete development of its 6th generation DRAM memory chips to a manufacturing process 1c (11nm).

According to a report from Business Korea, the company has asked its researchers to stop or skip the development of DRAM 1b, which is a 12nm chipset, so it seems that the company has actually abandoned the development of two lithographs lower for DRAM memory. .

Samsung DDR5 DRAMs

It is believed that with these movements Samsung wanted to widen the technological gap with its competitors, including SK Hynix and Micron Technology. Moreover, this isn’t the first time that Samsung has dropped a DRAM development stage to take it to the next level. Previously, it had abandoned the mass production of 28nm DRAM to focus on the production of 25nm DRAM.

Industry insiders believe that it will not be an easy task for Samsung to produce 11nm DRAM as it requires advanced technologies. However, Samsung hopes to find a way to do this as it is under tremendous pressure to develop 1c DRAM before its completion, as it was lagging behind its two competitors in volume production of DRAM.

“Samsung Electronics is under pressure to develop 1c DRAM ahead of others because it was behind rivals in volume production of 1a DRAM (4th generation chip in the 10nm range).

However, Samsung Electronics managed to mass-produce thinner 1a DRAMs than its two competitors. ยป