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Samsung launches mass production of chips using its 3nm GAA lithography

Samsung Electronics announced that it has started mass manufacturing chips using its most advanced manufacturing process, and that is none other than the 3nm with transistor architecture Gate-All-Around (GAA).

To summarize the information and leave the filling for later, you should know that compared to 5nm of the company, these 3nm manage to reduce energy consumption up to 45%Increase performance up to 23%and all this reducing the area by 16 percent. The 2nd generation of 3nm will manage to slightly widen the margins, and it is that compared to 5nm the energy consumption will be reduced up to 50%performance will increase up to 30% and all this reducing the surface used by 35%.

Samsung GAA 3nm

Samsung’s GAA technology is coming for work around performance limitations of the classic FinFET design, improving power efficiency by lowering the supply voltage level, while improving performance by increasing drive current capability.

Samsung launches first application of nanosheet transistor with semiconductor chips for high performance computing applications and low power consumption, and plans to extend it to mobile processors.

“Samsung has grown rapidly as we continue to demonstrate our leadership in applying next-generation technologies to manufacturing, such as the foundry industry’s first high-K metal gate, FinFET, as well as than EUV. We seek to continue this leadership with the world’s first 3nm Multi-Bridge-Channel FET (MBCFET™),” said Dr. Siyoung Choi, President and Head of Foundry Business, Samsung Electronics .

“We will continue to actively innovate in the development of competitive technologies and build processes that help accelerate the achievement of technological maturity.”

Samsung’s patented technology uses nanosheets with wider channels, which enable superior performance and power efficiency compared to GAA technologies that use nanowires with narrower channels. Using 3nm GAA technology, Samsung you can adjust the width nanoplate channels to optimize power consumption and performance to meet different customer needs.

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