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Samsung launches first GDDR6 @ 24 Gbps memory chips

Samsung Electronics announced today that it is the first company to market GDDR6 memory chips at 24 Gbit/s. These memory chips have capacities of 16 GB and manufactured with the 3rd generation of its 10nm (1z) manufacturing process leveraging EUV technology. This memory will be used on the next generation of GPUs top of the line.

“The explosion of data generated by AI and the metaverse is driving the need for greater graphics capabilities that can simultaneously process massive datasets, at extremely high speeds. With our industry-first 24Gbps GDDR6 memory, we We look forward to validating DRAM in next-generation GPU platforms to bring it to market in time to meet a flood of new demands,” said Daniel Lee, Executive Vice President, Memory Product Planning Team. at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung GDDR6

As revealed by the company, these reports provide a 30% increase in speeds compared to its previous GDDR6 @ 18 Gbps chips. Intended for Premium graphics, this memory can transfer up to 1.1 TB of information, or 275 Full HD films, in one second of time. Added to this is an increase in efficiency approximately, 20%since they require a voltage of 1.1v against 1.35v required by the competition’s GDDR6 memory.

Graphics DRAM is increasingly sought after for use beyond PCs, laptops, and game consoles, extending to other graphics-intensive applications such as HPC, autonomous driving, and cars electrical. Addressing these emerging markets, Samsung’s GDDR6 will enable smooth playback of 4K and 8K video, as well as support demanding AI accelerator workloads.

Samsung continues to dominate the global graphics DRAM market and expects the high-performance graphics portion to experience double-digit annual growth in the coming years.

As customer testing begins this month, Samsung plans to ship its 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM alongside next-generation GPUs, accelerating graphics innovation in the high-speed computing market.

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