Samsung would try to make some money with the future SoC of the bitten apple, the Apple M2. Obviously Apple wouldn’t even remotely allow Samsung to produce the chips already destined for TSMC so it all boils down to Samsung being one of Apple’s suppliers when it comes to to the supply of FC-BGA substrates (flip-chip-ball array), crucial for modern high connection density chips such as CPUs and GPUs.

Apple M2 Ultra
Apple M1 Ultra

This division of the company, called Samsung Electro-Mechanics, played an important role in the commercialization of the Apple M1 chipset. Now, according to industry observers quoted by Business Korea, Samsung is trying to secure its role as FC-BGA supplier for the company’s next-generation chip.

This report coincides with recent information that Samsung has invested more than a billion dollars in the construction of an FC-BGA production plant in Vietnam as well as the investment of over $241 million in an existing plant in South Korea.

“We cannot confirm information related to our customer,” Samsung Electro-Mechanics said regarding the supply of substrates for Apple chips.