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Samsung is backtracking with its future TOP ‘990 PRO’ SSD, will it be slower?

This week we saw how more information leaked with reference to Samsung’s new and latest Korean SSD. But in a totally unexpected turn of events, the information has reversed and serious doubts are arising from various sources. Will he 990PRO an SSD that does without the interface PCIe 5.0?

It’s funny how the information comes and goes, as PCISIG showed what we’ve all been waiting for, the new Samsung SSD that promises to reign above the pack, with a new controller coming straight from the corporate world and well secure with PCIe 5.0. Everything was normal so far, maybe even above expectations, because we are talking about 13,000 MB/s sustained, at least in sequential reading. Well, stay tuned for the turn of events.

From Samsung’s Ultimate SSD to the 990 PRO PCIe 5.0 to… Can’t it be that fast?

The video we have just above refers to this new SSD, called by the company itself and in the midst of a marketing campaign as “The Ultimate SSD” That is “The Champion Maker”. Logically they do not mention the name, although they partially show the unit and as we saw in the previous article about it, the SSD should include the controller PM1743 coming straight from the high performance business sector.

Leaked PCI-SIG images showed PCIe 5.0 32GT/s, which meant that everything just got better and better. But suddenly, change is coming. The regulatory and verification body, the PCI-SIG, has turned around and now lists the said SSD as PCIe 4.0 16 GT/s.

This means that the performance hit is going to be more than considerable, since it would get the same bandwidth as its current sibling 980 PRO, which would give us a maximum and theoretical speed of 7.5 GB/sa little more than half of what was announced at the start of the week.

Error, pass to hide or reality?


Well, here there are data, opinions and rumors of all kinds, take salt, enough, and let’s get down to business. Leakers and websites wonder what is going on. How is it possible that we go from a teaser with such pompous names to such a rapid interface change? Well, the first thing is that all the models presented at the same time as this one 990PRO keep holding PCIe 5.0. Second, there is no official explanation from PCI-SIG, i.e. we don’t know if they made a mistake and the SSD came with the PCIe 4.0 boot, or if Samsung requested the change for reasons unknown to us.

What we do know is that its new NAND Flash will be ready before the end of the year with 236 layers and that this SSD should include them if it also wants to compete in capacity. The hypothesis of the performance of the memory cells and the firmware of the controller are also on the table.


The staggering figure of 13 GB/s was not perceived as such, only Phison with its new controller came close to this record, and the SSD was an engineering sample for demonstration.

Therefore, and at the moment there is no answer, there is speculation and conjecture. Maybe Samsung will release the replacement for the 980PRO current in PCIe 4.0 and prepare the 990PROHence the confusion, who knows. Looking at the dates, maybe it was the other way around, as August 3 was quoted as PCIe 4.0, while August 5 was changed to PCIe 5.0, but… The change was later, the dates were corrected, so we are at the starting point and it would be enough to know if Samsung requested the change. What seems clear from the video above is that they are up to something and we will soon find out what it is.

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