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Samsung fires the culprit behind the delays with its RAM chips

In an unorthodox movement within what is Samsung As a public and quasi-family business, the company has finally found the person responsible for the delays who have been suffering since fries from RAM to chips for processors and graphics, for which in a very subtle move, he ended up firing the person responsible and guilty of this fact after his great internal investigation.

The Korean company slipped that it would place a new survey for some key departments after failing to achieve the pass rate it self-proclaimed to its customers. Samsung lost millions of dollars in sales, lost NVIDIA and above all lost the trust of its customers. What happened? Well, the truth is, nobody knows, but there is a layoff.

Semiconductors in the spotlight, a new director of the research center


The blow that Samsung suffered is already buried, they have moved on, but the truth is that the damage was so terrible that it could not compete with TSMC due to a series of errors caused by an internal boycott about which we know little, because it is kept secret.

But what the company cannot hide is the changes taking place in the direction and taking advantage of the new political situation and Samsung being a company with maximum public investment, which it has indirectly shown is is who is to blame. without even naming it.

It’s all due to the change that has been proposed within the company for the research and development center division of Samsung Semiconductor, since its current director has been fired in favor of Song Jae Hyukwho until today was vice president and director of the Flash development department.

Pero hay más, ya que el Centro de Tecnología de fabrication para las funds también tiene important cambios, puesto que Nam Seok-woo ahora se hará cargo de él, un cargo más a sus conocimientos puesto que viene de la fabrication e infraestructura global del negocio of the semiconductors.

Defections at Samsung, delays in its 3nm chips and production


Let’s not think that the blow has already been given and now the consequences are here, because it seems that Samsung continues to receive problems derived from those that its former leaders caused. According to investment analysts, there is talk behind the scenes of defections from foundry customers due to low or zero efficiencies offered in fifth-generation DRAM and semiconductors.

That is to say, the problem persists and will only be partially alleviated and thanks to the fact that at the time Samsung made the right decision to make the leap in the first place to the 3nm GAA transistors. But the middle lane was wasted on Intel and TSMC, which captured all Korean customers.

Finally, Samsung VP Lee Jae-yong is rumored to be flying straight to the Netherlands (by chance) to meet the CEOs of Intel and Qualcomm next week, where it is assumed that said trip will have a double meaning. maybe visit ASML? Trouble getting M&A deals from other companies and their patents? We don’t know, but Samsung isn’t having its best time because of these chip delays, that’s for sure.

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