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Samsung Electronics expects to see lower chip shipments in 2023

Samsung Electronics expects to see lower chip shipments in 2023

It seemed that with COVID-19, telecommuting and increased time spent at home would increase the demand for PCs and laptops. Indeed, it was, but in April 2022, after 2 years of strong growth, PC shipments…

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It seems that with COVID-19[feminine]the telework and the increase in the time we spent at home was going to increase the request of the pc Yes laptop. Sure enough, it was, but in April 2022, after 2 years of strong growth, PC shipments declined. Not only that, but now Samsung Electronics experienced a fall of its shares and an even greater drop in its commercial activity. smart phones Yes televisionsfrom 17% Year and -28% quarterly.

The market for computers, consoles and mobile devices saw increased demand when COVID-19 entered our lives. However, for the past few months we have seen a drop in shipments of PCs and laptops, among others. It is also necessary to take into account the many inventory issues we have, knowing the situation in China with its factories and logistics. All of this has caused a dent in many companies, including Samsung Electronics, which sees its Shares descend before the fall of Income.

Shares of Samsung Electronics fall and reach the value of 2 years ago

Samsung Electronics Inventory Dropship Revenue

The report of BusinessKorea mentions the gradual fall in shares of Samsung Electronics, which were at a minimum history on July 8th. Here they were worth KRW56,400 every action, some 43 eurosthe same price it had in July 2020. In fact, the business has been growing steadily since November 2020 and has reached its maximum peak of KRW 88,800 (68 euros) in January 2021, then descend.

Even so, the medium remains positive outlookwhere you expect them to increase by fifteen% The expeditions chip maker DRAM memory by 2023. Thus, we would try to reduce instability of the market and would reduce the current problems.

The SEC, on the other hand, reported minors Income during the second quarter of 2022, which ended with a -1% QoQ Yes +20.9% over one year. With this, Samsung Electronics got a operating result What was that -0.6% QoQ, +11.7% over one yearbut did not reach KRW 14.7 billion they targeted 2 main causes.

Samsung sees its smartphone/TV shipments drop by -17%/-28%

Samsung Electronics Reduces Shipments Smartphones TVs

It is one of causes that Samsung has missed out on revenue and its shares are falling as it suffered a huge drop in its smartphones and TVs. These are experiencing a drop in their shipments of one -17% Yes -28% QoQ, respectively. The other cause would be weak market demand, which made chip shipments DRACHMA Yes NAND grow a single +7%lower than expected.

However, the decline could have been greater had it not been for the fact that the OLED panels small and medium-sized stores continued to sell well, largely thanks to the iPhone 13. But it is not over yet, and it is that for the third quarter of 2022, an even greater drop in income is expected. It is estimated that Samsung Electronics would see its sales volume in one -8% over one year during Q3 2022 (July to September) and up to one -16% over one year during Q4 2022 (last quarter of the year).

It looks like the drop is inevitable as DRAM and NAND prices drop, along with shipments of home appliances, smartphones, TVs, and chips in general. Here there will be several additional causes, such as increased demand for chinese smartphones against Samsung. On the other hand, delays in the purchase of memory for servers due to the delay of future processors Fast Intel Xeon Sapphire.

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