According to the latest industry rumours, Samsungthe most advanced DRAM technology manufacturer on the market, would have failed in its attempt to achieve a 1b manufacturing process, to the point that would have disrupted both research and development of this manufacturing process, having admitted indirectly that its memories at 13nm are unrealizable.

Samsung LPDDR5X chip

In a nutshell, memory processes have different generation methods after the 20nm manufacturing process. Previously, 1x, 1y and 1z were used, then processes 1a, 1b and 1c were used. Yes, the process name of a memory chip is very confusing, so we summarize it for you in this they have problems with the 13nm.

In 2020, Samsung was the first to successfully develop 1z process memory, which is equivalent to 15nm lithography. In 2021, it announced the successful development of 1a process memory, which is a 14nm process. Now, in 2022, it looks like they’ve had some serious issues reducing lithography again. Now will be the time to see how the company solves this problem, if it manages to solve it, of course.

via: MyDrivers