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Ryzen 7000 on AM4 motherboards to use DDR4 memory?

According to the latest rumors, AMD could consider manufacturing its new processors AMD Ryzen 7000 are compatible with current motherboards based on the socket AM4. Obviously, due to the change in the design of the processors, they would have to be created some variations of the Ryzen 7000 to bring back the integrated pin layout (PGA) in the CPU to make this possible.

The reason for the interest in launching these variants is more than obvious, and it is that it was not a good idea to create a platform only compatible with memory DDR5RAM, who is still extremely expensive while its rival, Intel, enabled the leap to new Alder Lake processors by recycling DDR4 memory of users or to access DDR5 memory in the event that the user wishes to assume the additional cost involved, in addition to the said policy will stay with Raptor Lake processorsthe direct rival of this new generation of AMD CPUs.

There are also rumors that AMD may decide to release low-end Ryzen 7000 processors for use on the platform. AM4+DDR4while high-end processors will require making the full platform jump AM5 (LGA1718) + DDR5. Something that could also be very confusing for less experienced consumers.

AMD Ryzen 7000 with AMD AM5 socket

The idea of ​​an AMD Ryzen 7000 for AM4 exists, but it is not known if it will finally be realized

“According to an AMD processor distributor, AMD plans to have Zen4 products compatible with AM4 DDR4. But this is only a plan, it is not known if it will be available”, said a very reliable source because is @greymon55.

Knowing that these processors will see the light of day September 15Now, it would be very difficult for AMD to launch an AMD Ryzen 7000 in time with the chip redesign, which will involve reverting to the PGA pin design and integrating an IMC for DDR4 RAM.

The normal thing would be for the company to come up with the most affordable and interesting product first, because any user with an AMD processor would only have to buy the new processor to use a new computer, but for now everything indicates that these components will have to be replaced by others, modern and expensive, to access the most advanced processors of the company, since beyond these statements, no other clue reveals the intentions of the company.

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