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Russian tanks use microchips for sanctions

The war in Ukraine continues and, as such, Russian tanks and soldiers continue to massacre both the people and the infrastructure of that country. The sanctions imposed by the EU and the US were the largest in history and the blocking of chips from all major manufacturers after the UK joined ARM is total. It was therefore necessary to make a difficult decision given that the war will be long: Russia equips its tanks with fries from appliances commmon.

Russia underestimated Ukraine thinking that entering to invade this country would be a military walk for its army… And no, far from it. Vladimir Putin was surely counting on sanctions, threats and possible reprisals for the war, but what is clear is that he did not expect such severe blockages, because if there were not not prepared with more than decent chip management.

The Russian army is not well prepared, shavings from dishwashers and refrigerators?


The weapons sent to Ukraine and the valor and courage of its people, as well as the strategic and spy support of its partners, make the Russian army think twice and where it advances it soon struggles to go back and lose what she won by zones. How is it possible that the so-called second best army in the world loses like this?

Well there, the chips have a lot to say, since according to the US Secretary of Commerce, Gina RaimondoPutin is on the verge of military collapse because he has no bullets for his weapons, and he cited a very clear example: Ukrainians find fries from Dishwasher Yes refrigerators installed in the tanks in a very traditional way.

Ukrainian specialists claim that Russia uses substitute components for chips or key components for its weapons, for lack of having them in stock thanks to international sanctions. Going further, Raimondo assured the conference that the shipments and exports in the land of Putin have fallen 70%while in the tokens section the digit changes to 85%.

Russia and chips for household appliances, a last resort?


This shows two things. The first is that Putin was not prepared for this type of war, the second is that the sanctions are starting to work, because the packages of measures must be taken into account in terms of results. after three or four months of racing.

Therefore, Russia only has China safe from technology, but… China stops hoarding oil precisely from this country to start producing smarter when inflation stagnates or decreases. The COVID thing in this case is just the excuse for global geostrategy, where of course he doesn’t want to cede advanced technology to Russia.

VIA: US government

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