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Russia resorts to tanks from 50 years ago due to lack of chips

The Ukrainian military revealed that the Russian army was suffering excessively from sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union, to the point that it was reported that Russia had started deploying tanks T-62M and T-62MVwhich were manufactured between 1960 and 1975:Their presence on the battlefield highlights the shortage of modern, combat-ready equipment in Russia.”.

The shortage is so aggravated that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has indicated that the Russian army searches through the damaged equipment in an attempt to recover it and compensate for the loss of arms and military equipment of the troops.

Russian tank T-62M - Russia and a shortage of chips

You have to remember that two weeks ago it was announced that Russia fitted its new tanks with household chipsto the point of using chips that bring to life devices as common and basic today as dishwasher or refrigerator in an attempt to maintain its military production capacity, the deployment of technologically outdated vehicles is therefore the only way for the country to rapidly increase its military presence.

As noted, Russia deployed 30 of these armored vehicles technologically obsolete to make it available to its allies, while indicating the destruction of more than 700 tanks Since the beginning of the war, 417 T-72 units, 133 T-80 units, 20 T-90 units, 18 T-64 units and at least 112 “unknown” tanks have been destroyed. Moreover, the Russian army lost more than 206 planes, 170 helicopters, about 500 drones, more than 2,200 military vehicles or about 30,000 soldiers.

“Beyond the tank losses to Ukrainian forces, Russia’s ability to maintain the readiness of its most advanced tanks after three months of brutal warfare is also in question, especially as the sanctions have cut off the supply of some key technological components.This could be another reason for the presence of the T-62 in Ukraine.

It is highly unlikely that the Russian military will use T-62 tanks in Ukraine for a number of reasons. Additional tank crew requirements would strain the already limited number of Russian personnel. Additionally, there are large quantities of T-72s, T-80s and even some T-64s in storage, and Russian personnel apparently have no training in tank classes like the T-62. It is much more likely that the tanks will be used to equip Russian-aligned Ukrainian forces, mainly from the Russian-speaking eastern regions, to allow them to quickly form new units under Russian supervision, as was done with the Syrian 5th Corps.

via: The Warzone

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