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Russia fines Google $365 million over YouTube videos

we already know how it is Russia with the leaked content about it, considering they are at war with Ukraine since February. And it is that there have already been many repercussions from the country of Cheese fries to complain about fake news and disinformation in networks. Today, Russia imposed a fine of almost $365 million (21.1 billion rubles) to Google for not deleting videos with “prohibited content” of Youtube.

By prohibited content, we mean anything that Russia considers false information or anything that harms them in the war against Ukraine. For this reason, we include YouTube videos that “promote extremism and terrorism“, according to Federal Telecommunications Surveillance Service That is Roskomnadzor, who was the plaintiff. This Russian communications regulator had previously threatened Google, albeit for a lesser amount that is building up.

Google previously received threats from Russia to remove ‘illegal videos’ from YouTube

Google threatens Russia Illegal YouTube videos

Was in March this year, shortly after the start of the war with ukraine, while Roskomnadzor was already threatening Google with a fine for not removing illegal content. This corresponded to some videos on the YouTube platform that showed parts of the war that they did not consider appropriate. At the time, Russia’s regulatory environment imposed an initial rate of $95,000 (8 million rubles) to Google, but it would amount to 20% of annual income the company.

Thus, it reached 365 million dollars, which represents part of the annual benefits of Google in Russia. It is curious, since the Russian subsidiary of Google officially declared in bankruptcy June 17th. In fact, Russia was forced to close this branch of Google, because it claims that government authorities confiscated assets and it was not viable to continue to operate.

We are thus confronted with an attempt by Russia to obtain the more money profiting from Google, even if it is difficult for him to decide to pay the fine. Regarding the videos to which they refer, we speak of over 7,000 of them, which follow visible to Russian citizens despite the warnings. However, on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook and instagramvideos and content of this theme, has been blocked by the Russian authorities.

Even before the war, Russia already wanted to remove content from the networks

Russia Remove Content Russian Software Computers

The battle between Google and Russia not to remove content they deem illegal began before the war. In December 2021, a Russian court fined Google $98 million so as not to delete content on the networks. Therefore, Russia already wanted to exert a control over information before starting the invasion of ukraine. The reasons for the deletion of said content coincided exactly with the current reasons, attributing that they were promoting the terrorism.

This would not be the only measure taken by the Russians to control the population and its access to information. And it is that in 2019 Russia approved a right who forced the smart phones, computers Yes televisions come with Pre-installed Russian software. In addition, businesses had to open offices in Russia if they exceeded 500,000 daily visitors in the country.

That said, the current situation after the start of the war led many companies to leave Russia, including Google. And that is this company cut off access Russian customers to access its services and even stopped the sale of google ads. This caused a demonetization of YouTube channels Russian media, preventing access to these channels.

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