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RTX 4090 16 pin adapter burns and melts connector

NVIDIA RTX 4090 have become the most powerful graphics cards for gaming. At least for now, because the AMD Radeon RX 7000 is coming and could bring problems for the greens. But before that, the company must be attentive to the problems of their GPUs, as we have already found a RTX-4090 with e16 pin adapter 4 x 8 pin and the power cable of the graph completely burned.

The energy consumption of graphics cards is increasingly high and this forces manufacturers to develop larger cooling systems. But not only is the increase in the size and weight of GPUs increasing, because with the increase in consumption the fact of using 3 or 4 8-pin cables is very cumbersome on our computer. For many, having so many cables connected just for graphics is very annoying, but on cards like the RTX 4090 it’s the only option if we don’t have an ATX source with the new standard. So, Nvidia offers his Standard 16 pin to 4 x 8 pin adaptersfor anyone who wants to use the RTX 4090 with their power supplies without investing in a new one.

The 16 pin adapter of an RTX 4090 ends up in flames and melts

16 Pin RTX 4090 Burns Connector

Buying an RTX 4090 is an odyssey currently, because despite its starting price of €1,949, in Spain we hardly find models available. In fact, in American stores they are exhausted and it seems that the trend is happening in the rest of the countries. After overcoming the price and stock problem, in case we bought one, we might think that we can now breathe easy. But not even two weeks have passed since launch and we have already found a case of the RTX 4090 burning out. Not the graphics themselves, but its power connector, which in this case used the 16 pin to 4 x 8 pin adapter.

As we said before, this is a requirement for anyone who does not have a new ATX 3.0 source compatible with 12VHPWR cable that offers up to 600W. Thus, most users will opt for this adapter which, although bulky, fulfills its function well. Well, here is a case when, as can be seen in the picture, the connector can be considered dead. And that’s it, the affected user saw the power cable of his custom RTX 4090 totally burned. This all happened while you were so leisurely playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on your PC. For his part, he believes that it is the fault of a faulty adapter and want process the RMA.

4090 16 Pin Cable Troubleshooting Instructions

We don’t know whether to take this as a joke or seriously, but CableMod offers a series of instructions to follow to avoid such problems. posted by Buildzoid on Twitter, he sarcastically admits that you have to follow a series of bending standards of our 16 pin connector. In fact, we have clear instructions that under no circumstances should we fold it horizontally and vertically near where it makes contact. The compelling reason for this is that if we bend the cables near the connector could overheat.

In fact, this ensures that there is only one correct way to connect the cables to avoid problems. This is bend the wiring from a distance of 35mm connector. Now if we wonder how the user was wearing the adapter when this happened, we can see it. Here we can see that the adapter is vertically connected because the RTX 4090 is on a riser and in addition, it is slightly leaning to the right. Nothing we should worry about and yet it burned as we can see. Quite a mystery whether it’s a faulty adapter or issues with the RTX 4090 that you’ll need to fix with the new 16-pin cable.

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