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Rockstar cancels Red Dead Redemption 1 and GTA IV remasters

rock star He has been creating video games for several years that are considered the best in the open world genre. However, these are getting outdated over time and people are asking for remakes or remasters of them. Now the expected remasters of GTA IV Yes Red Dead Redemption were canceled by Rockstar due to the poor reception of their latest work, the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (GTA: The Trilogy).

Many gamers are waiting for the day when Rockstar will announce new releases of their gaming games. PS3like the Red Dead Redemption and the Grand Theft Auto IV (well, not so much this one). And that’s it, we have information about it since 2016, thanks to a leak on the Korean site Gamefocus.co.kr. At that time, it was confirmed that Red Dead Redemption HD would come to pc, PlayStation 4 Yes Xbox One early 2017.

Red Dead Redemption: Dammed Enhancement Project is the only “remaster” that ever existed

Red Dead Redemption Dammed Enhancement Project Remaster RPCS3

As we know, as of 2022, we haven’t experienced any HD release, remaster or remake of the RDR. However, there is an unofficial version, as usual created by modders, called Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project. This version aimed to modify the emulated game in Xenia (emulator of Xbox 360) Yes RPCS3 (PS3 emulator) with a facelift.

This included improving the textureselements User Interface/User Experience menus, the game HUD, the drawing distance has been increased, and the shader, Models, etc. However, this did not last long and, announced in August 2019, it only took another 2 weeks to receive a notice of take two. This company has sent you a cease and desist (C&D) letter requiring that you stop working on the mod.

Other memorable attempts to improve the game could be attributed to Digital Dreams, a YouTube channel that tried to improve the game. chart play to the max. To do this, he used the very popular Backshadingwith the familiar shader GIRT of Pascal Gilcher. As we know, this shader allows you to simulate an effect of Laser trace using shading and global illumination. With all this and a resolution of 4K in RPCS3 emulator the game is much better than the version 720p received by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

The failure of GTA: The Trilogy is the reason why there will be no remasters of RDR 1 and GTA IV

It took a long time for rumors to resurface claiming the existence of a possible improved RDR. It wasn’t until May 2022 when Chris Klippela Rockstar insider, mentioned that the Red Dead Redemption remaster has been in development at Rockstar since late 2020. Even so, let’s not sing victory, because another Rockstar leaker, complexion2, leaked yesterday on Twitter that GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remasters have been dropped.

The main reason for this decision is the bad reception it received Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. It was a remake from GTA 3, GTA Vice City Yes GTA San Andreas, which featured revamped graphics and improved gameplay and control. It didn’t seem like such a bad option, until we saw that it was filled with Bugs and insects everywhere. In fact, even modders had to step in to modify essential graphical aspects such as the rain.

Much of the blame was placed on its developers, who were Grove Street Gameswho previously worked in Bully scholarship edition. After suspending development on remasters of its core PS3 games, it looks like Rockstar doesn’t want to repeat another flop. Even so, it’s not all bad news and that is that leaker Tez2 is reporting that the company is working on a actualization of Red Dead Redemption 2 for the new generation of consoles.

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