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Rocket League is getting a Battle Royale mode dubbed “Knockout Bash”

rocket league already has a Battle Royale mode, and this one is called “coup de grace“. Notice, unlike any other game of this genre, this one seems the least interestingsince it doesn’t seem to follow the same trend in the sense that it seems like we’re locked in a shrinking ring and it takes a lot of driving skill to try and survive, so it’s really more for the active users than to attract new users…not to mention that the maximum number of players is only 8so the game is not that it lasts long.

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Throughout the history of Soccar, the path to victory has always been paved with cooperation and teamwork. Now let’s put all alliances aside with the introduction of the free-to-play mode, Knockout. This game mode will be part of a new in-game event called Knockout Bash, which will run from April 27 to May 10.

In this destructive derby, only the strongest survive as 8 players fight their way through different arenas. Many of your Soccar skills will be retained, but you’ll need to master the new attack, block, and grab mechanics to emerge victorious.

Even the most powerful rockets need the occasional pit stop, so take a moment to unlock relaxing spring-themed rewards and free golden gift baskets by completing in-game challenges. Twitch viewers will also be able to Receive the Bob’s Ramen player banner on Twitch by watching select Rocket League streamers in their quest for dominance when the event begins.

Team size – In Knockout, there are no teams. Instead, 8 players go head-to-head in free-for-all action.

Lives – Unlike Soccar, Knockout does not have unlimited respawns. Players will have to watch their backs, because once you’ve been knocked out 3 times, the game is over.

Safety zone- Surrounding the arena is a translucent dome called the Safezone. When a player is kicked out of the safe zone, they must return within 10 seconds or they will be eliminated. Throughout the match, the safe zone will shrink, increasing the danger. After 6 minutes, the game will switch to flash KO, where every attack or throw is at full strength, and being kicked out of the safe zone causes an instant KO.

Hazards – Each Knockout Arena contains various hazards, including spikes and a laser grid found under the platforms. Hitting a hazard causes an instant KO.

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