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Riot will increase the price of League of Legends RP worldwide

Riot Games announces that it will increase the price of microtransactions by League of Legends In the whole world. It will affect both Riot Points (PR) to tft coinswho will see an increase in their the price in about a ten%. The reasons for this increase are due to the global inflation and currency fluctuations, among other causes.

Riot Games has announced that they will soon increase the prices of their RP Coins (LOL) and TFT (Teamfight Tactics). then start August 19 prices will increase virtually everywhere in the world the game is available. According to Riot itself, the changes are due to global inflation, continued fair prices between regions and consistency between products and costs.

The price of RP and TFT will increase by 10% on average from August 19

League Of Legends RP TFT Price Increase

As can be seen in the table, the prices have been changed to a large extent, although it comes with an increase in coins. With this we have a medium rise of the 9.8% for League of Legends RP. Within this average, there are countries that are the most affected, such as UKwhich is on the rise 10.9%. Others, like Canadawill see an increase of 9.9% and the Europeans will finish with 9.8%.

For example, in Spain with expenses 50 euros we have 7200RPwhile with this price increase we will receive 6500RPto lose 700 riot points with the pass. However, there are cases where there are no such losses, such as investment 100 euros we obtain 13,500 RP in front of the 13400RP old prices.

As Riot Games knows this is going to generate quite a few complaints within the communitydecided that before the change there would be RP compensation for League of Legends players.

Double RP and TFT Coins for League of Legends from July 14 to July 31

Compensation League Of Legends Double RP TFT

Before the price increase, Riot Games decided to carry out some promotions to compensate its players and make the change hurt less. For this reason, before the price increase, a promotion of double of PR in League of Legends and additional TFT partss in all parts of the world. Of course, it will only last July 14 to July 31 (PT) and after completing this, prices will return to normal until August 19th.

Along with the price hike, Riot Games is also announcing changes to RP packs. First, they fix cases where some regions did not have the single transaction option to purchase certain skins. These include aspects of champ for 1350RP and aspects of sands for 1380RP or TFT parts.

On the other hand, they proceed to replace the prices of real world currencies with the standard “€X.99” used in the mobile market in order to obtain “consistency” between their different games.

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