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release funds or there are no factories

We saw it coming and it finally happened. The United States is at a rather unpleasant crossroads with CHIPS FOR AMERICA LAW, which promised $52 billion in funds to any company that wanted to invest in semiconductors on American soil, but… The bill is still blocked and it There are already three manufacturers who have come together to make their voices heard: Intel, TSMC and Global Wafers.

It’s the world’s third-largest wafer maker, Taiwanese GlobalWafers, that has put its finger on a wound that doesn’t heal and doesn’t look like it. The message you share with Intel and TSMC is clear and now it is the government that must act, mainly because China and Europe are in the running. Why is there such a backlog with funds for chips?

No budget allocation for the CHIPS Act after one year!

Gina Raimondo

As we read. A year has passed since the approval of this law and there is no movement in relation to the total or partial budget that will be granted to the various companies, which drives everyone to despair. The U.S. Secretary of Commerce He was very clear about this, because like any business, the interest of the three main players can end up in other parts of the world like its two current big rivals.

Gina Raimondo slipped the following:

“We must do this before [el Congreso vaya] August vacation. I don’t know how to say it more clearly. [El acuerdo de GlobalWafers]…it’s going to go away, I think, if Congress doesn’t act.”

This comes from the modification of the agreement and the law where at first the local companies were favored, but later the agreement was opened to the European style for all those who want to invest on American soil, but the funds do not arrive and the speed of start urges not to lag behind the competition.

Intel, TSMC and GlobalWafers, titanic fight in the shadows for chip funds

GlobalWafers Fund Tokens

Curiously, the one that throws itself the most into the void is TSMC. Their FAB in Phoenix has already started construction, but they have a problem: it’s going to cost more than expected for a variety of non-company reasons, so they’re urging the government to expand CHIPS Act support to more foreign companies, a move that Intel is not making. see with good eyes.

For their part, the blues have stopped the start of work for their SUPER FAB of 20 billion in Ohio precisely because they need to know what funding they’re going to get in the first place since the CHIPS Act. In other words, they are not going to jump into the void without knowing the support they will have.

In World brochures are more paradigmatic, since they affirm that the investment they will make will ultimately depend only on the financial support of the said CHIPS Act towards your business. Or what amounts to the same thing, they push to take advantage of it more, because if they receive a few million dollars, they will invest accordingly. In any case, Europe is already working on the ground of the FABs. Italy, Spain, Germany and France they have different complexes or projects with Intel and TSMC signed and launched in some cases.

China invests in its own factories and does not hesitate to shell out the necessary money. It is played on a board where speed is paramount and where investment equals technological world domination, with the consequent power this generates over the loser(s), and here The United States is not doing very well so far.

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