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Qualcomm, Marvell, Intel and TSMC will increase their prices by up to 20%

We are in a situation of global inflation, with a lifespan that is becoming more and more expensive and this also applies to the world of hardware. A few days ago we learned that Intel would increase the price of its processors from the fall. Today, the situation is even worse, with industry sources saying that Qualcomm, wonderYes TSMC prices will increase by Augustup to one 20% more. Added to this is another confirmation that the information leaked around Intel’s price increase is correct.

We are faced with an alarming situation, and that is that, although we expect a rise in the prices of semiconductors from autumn, it will happen from august. At the latest, Qualcomm and Marvell would be the first to launch and, to these, Intel and TSMC would join. Thus, we would have another price increase that is already hitting an industry with increasingly volatile demand.

Demand Falls and Prices Rise: Intel Raises CPU Prices by Up to 20%

Intel CPU Price Rise

We are going through a very fragile economic situation for a large number of people. We have the war between russia and ukraine which greatly increased the cost of fuel and food. We are going through a period where the inflation get up and do our money worth less and less. Moreover, we cannot forget the impact of the COVID-19[feminine] which caused it to hit the entire global economy within days.

Faced with consumers who are tired of seeing how everything is more expensive and unemployment rate which, although having been reduced, is still very high and we cannot say that we are in a good moment to allow ourselves whims. We are talking about computer hardware, components for our computers, laptops for work and even smart phones. And this is it, the price increase predicted will practically affect all industry.

we talk about that Intel will increase the price of your processors for desk, laptop Yes waiters and even their tokens Wireless and controllers of ethernet. We don’t know the exact details of how this will affect individual products, but we do know that the the price will increase up to 20%.

TSMC and Samsung have already increased their price by another 20%

Rising price of TSMC wafers

less than a year ago TSMC has raised its prices by 20% alleging the scarcity of materials and the increased cost of transportation. And now, as we announced, another price hike is expected, which should follow the path taken by Intel. This means increases ranging from single digits to 20% more. Thus, the situation becomes more and more difficult to bear, since we constantly see price increases at exception cases like SSD. The industry of nand flashwould be one of the few sectors where we see price reductions.

Basically they are made because there is a drop in Sales and there is strong pressure to sell the available stock. This drop in demand is affecting all industry sectors as fewer laptops, PCs, TVs and even smartphones are being sold. But it didn’t stop Samsungin May, announced that it was increasing the price of your cookies up to one 20 percent, saying he would lose money. Indeed, he announced that the chip production cost increased between 20 and 30 by the way.

And so, we see that even if the demand decreases, the price does not decrease, since manufacturing costs are getting more and more expensive. Because of things like that, we will hardly go back to the days when we could buy a GPUs high end by 500 euroseven if we will always have the i5 and Ryzen mid-range for a little more 200 euros. Hopefully the new generation doesn’t destroy that price/performance range, because then it would kill off most of its customers.

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