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Qualcomm announces the 3rd generation of its Networking Pro platform with WiFi 7

Qualcomm Technologies announced the 3rd generation of its platform Qualcomm Networking Pro, which provides access to connectivity WiFi 7with which it promises a maximum overall wireless capacity of 33 Gbps and point-to-point connections over 10 Gbps.

In addition to the obvious improvements in speeds, it is also possible to reduce latency and improve network utilization. for WiFi 6/6E device userswhile delivering exceptional performance and incredibly low latency for the next generation of WiFi 7 client devices.

“Qualcomm Technologies has enabled the era of 10 Gbps Wi-Fi with our first customer shipments of the WiFi 7 Networking Pro series,” said Nick Kucharewski, executive vice president and general manager, Wireless Networks and Infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies.

“By combining support for the latest WiFi 7 innovations with our unique product architecture, the platform enables solutions ranging from whole-home mesh to large public venue connectivity networks. With this product line, we anticipate a new class of client systems for both current applications and the emerging Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem.”

Qualcomm Networking Pro WiFi 7

“Building on the strong momentum and leadership of WiFi 6/6E, Qualcomm Technologies’ third-generation Networking Pro Series platform delivers unprecedented wireless capacity and performance, taking home and business WiFi infrastructure to the next level,” said Neil Shah, vice president of research at Counterpoint Research.

“By introducing WiFi 7 innovations such as simultaneous multi-link operations, 4K QAM and quad-band configurations in a highly scalable, modular and optimized architecture, Qualcomm Technologies is once again raising the stakes on the table and leading the industry at the age of 10. Gbps+ This innovative platform enables the delivery of immersive, content-rich wireless experiences, even in constrained environments that were previously not possible.”

Qualcomm Networking Pro Wi-Fi 7 - Specifications

“We are proud to partner with Qualcomm Technologies to provide advanced wireless networking solutions,” said Sean Harris, president and chief marketing officer, eero.

“Qualcomm’s WiFi networking product suite helps us deliver the latest technology and a broad portfolio to our retail, professional installer, home builder and Internet service provider customers in 19 countries around the world.”

  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 1620: Quad-band, 16 streams, 33.1 Gbps maximum wireless capacity for stadiums, large enterprises, and high-end home mesh systems.
  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220: Maximum wireless capacity of 21.6 Gbps, tri-band, 12 streams for enterprise, SMB, prosumer and high-end home mesh systems.
  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 820: Quad-band, 8 streams, 13.7 Gbps maximum wireless capacity for enterprise, SMB, prosumer, and high-end home mesh systems.
  • Qualcomm Networking Pro 620: Maximum wireless capacity of 10.8 Gbps in three bands and 6 streams for home, business, gaming and SMB mesh systems.

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