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Prusa acquires Printed Solid Inc to expand its service in the United States

PrusaResearcha company founded in 2012 by Josef Prusa and one of the best known in the 3D printing industry, announced that it has acquired Solid Printed Inc.., with the end of develop sales direct and the medium in United States.

Prusa Research announced in a statement on May 16 that it has acquired Printed Solid Inc., a company responsible for selling filaments, hardware, electronics and accessories for 3D printers. With this acquisition, Printed Solid Inc. will become the distributer exclusive sales and support of genuine Prusa products for industry customers education, government and business. In addition, it is expected that in 2022 this service will be expanded, with direct-to-consumer sales also being available.

Prusa buys Printed Solid and will take the specific technical service to the United States

Prusa Research MK3S+ solid print

Indeed, for the fourth quarter of 2022Printed Solid Inc. will acquire more storage space and staff, to improve Prusa’s renowned quality (with printers such as the Prusa MK3S+) and thus offer services of repair and supply of parts for Prusa. US customers will be the first to benefit, as they will see reduced their shipping times and service response, as well as the ability to order products directly from Printed Solid’s corporate headquarters in Delaware, USA.

With all this, it is also hoped that it will help to reduce the hassle of international shipments and shorten the response times dedicated to repairs and replacements. With the purchase, David Randolp, CEO of Printed Solid will continue to retain his position and the business will continue keep its own brand internal of fdm filament, such as Jessie PLA and PETG. They will also continue to resell third-party products to all sectors of the 3D printing industry and will now also be distributors, service providers and original Prusa hardware in the United States.

“We are announcing that Printed Solid is joining the family. Josef Prusa and David Randolph, CEO of Printed Solid, have been friends for years. We must have attended at least 30 trade shows together, and I can call you a friend.” “Your incredible team will help improve the availability of genuine Prusa 3D printers, parts, accessories and services beyond the ‘big pond’. Prusa Research official statement confirms.

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