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Project Monolith, a PC mod with a Core 12, passive and exterior

We’ve seen mods of all kinds, from ones that don’t look like PC because they’re made with different themes and hide or camouflage components, to towers that look like stock and have great work behind them. Today we bring you a different mod, an exterior system, totally passive and extremely compact: Monolith Project.

Difficult to combine temperatures, performance and zero noise. Anyone who likes a silent PC or a silent PC will know what we are talking about and even more with the consumption that we see today. That’s why this mod, in addition to being small and aesthetically very fine, as well as minimalist, is really interesting to see, since the results are really good.

Project Monolith, this is how a Core 12 is maximally and passively cooled


Without fanfare and with a list of mid-range components in some cases, and high-end in others. There is nothing you won’t know and at the same time it will surprise you, so to understand what has been done, what better than to know its components in detail? So let’s go :

  • Box: personalized by 3D
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-12400F
  • GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 1650 KalmX mod chromax.black
  • Heat sink: Noctua NH-P1 mod chromax.black
  • Base plate: GIGABYTE B660I Aorus Pro DDR4
  • RAM: Thermaltake Tough Ram RC DDR4 4.400MHz 16Gb
  • SSD: T-Force Cardea Zero Z440 1TB Team Bundle
  • PicoPSU: Rgeek 450P + Rgeek LD120180

As we can see, the case is at the same time the base of the ITX motherboard, where the power supply is also housed inside, from which the sheathed cables of the motherboard come out, such as the 24-pin connector.


The interesting thing here is that we have a base, which is both the PSU box and the support for the rest of the system, leaving it in the air to improve heat transfer to the part, since all the components are cooled from the passive mode.

A fairly high consumption for the components it has and under voltage

According to user Godbq, creator of this mod, his computer consumed no less than 191 watts under stress, where the CPU he was put to 78ºC and the GPUs nothing less than 80ºC. These are not bad temperatures for this consumption and less being a total passive system, but they can be improved thanks to the undervolt.

Although the parameters as such or the voltage drop percentages are not specified, as well as its curves in the case of the GPU, what we do know is that after that and without losing an iota of performance, your computer has gone from 191 watts to 150 wattslowering temperatures accordingly.


To be more precise, the CPU fell to 69ºC and the GPUs went down to 71ºC, so the difference is more than noticeable, where as they say, the performance remained unchanged. If these numbers are good enough, it looks like the modder is planning to add a Noctua A12x25, so the temperatures should be quite reduced and as soon as we do not exceed 500 RPM the noise will be so minimal that just by sticking our ears to the fan we could hear it. A wonderful mod that will surely have its followers.

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