cool alpha announced a very high-end thermal pasteMountain peakand it is that you would have to search the market a lot to find something that resembles it in quality, and it is that it promises a thermal conductivity of nothing less than 17W/mKWhat exactly double of conductivity compared to the very popular Arctic MX-4. The higher the conductivity, the more efficient it is at transferring heat from the CPU case to the cooling system for dissipation.

The thermal paste comes in the form of a syringe of 4 gram capacity and it will go on sale next June 16, although for now its price has not been disclosed, but it should be higher than what we are used to, since it brings a reduction in temperature of some good degrees without the need to resort to a liquid metal thermal compound which can knock out the team if applied in the wrong way.

apex alphacool

Alphacool introduces the new Apex thermal paste. With a thermal conductivity of 17 W/mK, it enters the circle of the most efficient thermal pastes on the market. The main goal during development was, of course, to increase thermal conductivity. However, points such as viscosity and durability should not be ignored. Alphacool has succeeded in optimizing the viscosity so that the Apex thermal paste is particularly suitable for high contact pressures and remains easy to process. The main ingredient of Apex Thermal Compound is a very low thermal impedance nanopowder. This allows electronic components to cool efficiently, extending their lifespan and improving their reliability.

The amount provided is sufficient for several applications and can be stored to prevent drying out.