Beside Deep cooling AK400the company announced a new high-end refrigeration system, the Deep cooling AK620which doubles the bet with a dual aluminum heatsink and dual fan design, so its weight goes up to 1456 grams and its dimensions up to 129 x 139 x 160mm high.

Indeed, each radiator is crossed by a configuration of six 6mm thick copper heat pipesthat come out of a generous copper base, in addition to being cooled by two fans 120mm PWM which operates between 500 and 1850RPM generate a current of air up to 68.99CFM with a static pressure of 2.19mmH2O and a sound of 28dBA. Like its smaller sibling, there’s no trace of RGB lighting, plus it’s available in an all-black and white variant (heatsink, heatpipes, and fan).

Deep cooling AK620

The information of the Deep cooling AK620 It is supplemented by compatibility with the RAM memories of up to 43 mm highit is compatible with processors Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA1151 and amd AM4 with a consumption of up to 260W of powerincludes syringe of thermal compound, screwdriver for mounting, unfortunately does not include some extra clips in case you want a three fan setup, and we can already find it for sale on Amazon at the price of 64.99 euroswhich amounts to €69.99 in case you want to buy it in white.