It seems that the developers do not want to meet the demands of PlayStation, and it must be remembered that with the arrival of the new stage subscription to its services, in the highest of them, called PlayStation Plus Premiumthe company would oblige all studios that sell their game from 34 dollars to include a limited trial versionwith at least 2 hours of play.

Now new reports reveal that the developers do not want to spend time on the subjectand that it will be the PlayStation Store team itself who will have to create these demos of the entire catalog of games available.

playstation plus

Essentially it would be because PlayStation will monetize these demosas this is an extra added to the highest subscription level, but of course, studios won’t see a single penny to create these demos. In this way, like Pontius Pilate, the developers of the games have washed their hands, since they see no point in doing any work which only PlayStation will benefit fromso one of the main assumptions we discussed the other day is met:

“If your game is priced above $34, you’re probably working with fewer resources than your competitors, and two hours can be a significant chunk of your game’s content. Smart developers can turn these test builds into opportunities to capture new players, but if you don’t promise payment at the end, you risk a lot of work for a limited reward.

via: Gamespot