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PlayStation VR2 Reportedly Delayed, Won’t Arrive Until 2023

Not much was expected from PlayStation VR and they were a hit, and that’s why now all eyes are on the PlayStation VR2but according to the latest rumors, there is bad news, and that is that although Sony never announced a release date, it was assumed that they would be released this year, but Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst, Ross Youngindicated that these glasses they will arrive next year.

As one would think, officially there is no delay as there was never a release date, but missing out on the Christmas holidays is a blow in terms of sales, so the reasons why the company will not achieve it are unknown. sales period of the year.

PlayStation VR2

Officially we know that the PlayStation VR2 will connect to the PlayStation 5 using a single cable, a USB-C (the previous ones required a PlayStation Camera + an external processing unit), allowing to offer images 4K with HDR @ 90Hz / 120Hz by means of two OLED panels with a resolution of 2000 x 2040p per eye.

Other specifications revealed are that they offer a 110ยบ field of view, a pair of cameras for eye tracking allowing us to render only what we are looking at, as it happens in real life, reducing the stress of the system by saving resources by jamming the entire periphery, which makes no sense to render.

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